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Al-Awda/PRRC needs your financial support to carry out its goals. You can submit your tax-deductible donation, via check or money order, addressed as follows:

Al-Awda - PRRC
2720 Loker Avenue West Suite J
Carlsbad, CA 92010, USA

To donate online using your credit card, simply click on the paypal button below:

Become a Monthly Sustainer of Al-Awda!

Become a Monthly Sustainer of Al-Awda, by donating a given amount of money every month. Any amount will be appreciated!

To set up an automatic transfer from your bank account or a credit card, simply click on the amount you would like to donate each month below:

Your Donation Helps Us Do Our Work!

Your donation supports any one of the projects we are working on. These include Al-Awda's Media Center, Palestine Resource Center/Library, Events (annual convention, teach-ins, etc), National Al-Awda Center, Refugee Support and Chapter work.

Please also visit our Shop for a Donation section.

For other information about our work, see Who We Are.

Thank you so much for your generous support!

We depend on it!

"I assure you Al-Awda is greatly appreciated. At least we feel not abandoned and your work has certainly made a dent in spreading the truth around. Keep up the good work." - Samia Khoury, Occupied Palestine



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