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For Immediate Release
February 27, 2006

Prize-Winning 2005 Documentary 'My Land' Now Available

Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition (PRRC), is pleased to announce that we now have available copies of the excellent prize-winning 2005 documentary entitled 'My Land' by Tone Andersen. To get your copy of this outstanding documentary on DVD, simply make a tax-deductible donation of $25.00 or more to Al-Awda/PRRC by following the instructions at

The twenty five-minute documentary in English is particularly relevant to show at the upcoming annual Yom Al-Ard/Day of the Land commemorations, teach-ins, etc. It exemplifies the continuing struggle Palestinians are facing against home demolitions and land expropriation.

Specifically, My Land documents the threat that husband and wife Ali and Trees in the town of Sakhnin (Galilee region, north Palestine) face from the Zionist occupation authority to destroy the home the family built on their own land. About 1.3 million Palestinians who were issued 'Israeli citizenship' are still struggling 57 years after the imposition of the Zionist state for their rights to their own property and land. The film shows one of those many struggles.

Yom Al-Ard/Day of The Land has been commemorated world-wide yearly since the killing on March 30, 1976 of six Palestinians in the Galilee region of Palestine by Israeli occupation troops during peaceful protests over the confiscation of Palestinian lands. The documentary, My Land, includes moving footage of a Yom Al-Ard/Day of the Land demonstration in the Palestinian Arab town of Sakhnin. It also shows the monument built as memorial in Sakhnin to honor those who were killed on the occasion of Land Day.

The text on the monument reads: "In memory of those who fell on Land Day. They died so that we can live, and their spirit lives on."

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