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Until Return - Issue 6


A True Story, in honor of Palestine's beloved poet, may he rest in peace....
By Annie Selden Annab

A poem in honor of Mahmoud Darwish, the renowned Palestinian poet, author of many well known poems, born 67 years ago in the village of Birweh in Galilee, Palestine, a village that was razed during the establishment of Israel in 1948. Darwish died on 08-09-2008. At the time I was out food shopping...

"And my heart flies..."

Al-Awda - Picture from Tanaf Detention Camp

In the crowded American grocery store
a small dark old woman stopped
to stare wide eyed
at my simple necklace, specifically
at the small, delicately made gold charm
dangling, resting near my heart.

Its an Olive Tree whose roots
become a filigree that spells in Arabic

"It says peace in Arabic" I will say
to strangers who might inquire,
but the small dark woman
said nothing- stared
and as she stared transfixed
I could see her secret smile grow
until it tingled in her toes
and she stood straighter

words would only ruin
such a conversation
such a perfect exchange
I blinked yes
as they do in the Arab world
blinked yes and moved on
smiling too.

Copyright: poem by Anne Selden Annab



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