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Until Return - Issue 4

Candles for Gaza
Until Return Reporter from Jordan
February 25, 2008

After the already tight siege on Gaza, the occupation shut down the one and only power plant leaving the most populated place on earth not only without food and water but also without electricity and fuel. This brutal act caused the death of tens of hospital patients.

To protest these genocidal acts, war crimes against our people under occupation, demonstrations took place on a daily basis for a week throughout Jordan, in refugee camps, in front of UN offices and on Amman's main streets. Thousands of people came together to protest the muderous Zionist blockade, sending  messages of support and solidarity to our brothers and sisters in Gaza. January 25th marked the largest demonstration with thousands of people marching in Amman's old downtown streets, demanding an end to the blockade of Gaza, an end to the Zionist occupation and demanding the closure of the Israeli embassy in Amman.

Throughout the first week dozens of people gathered every night at 8 pm in one of Jordan's Capital main streets. Standing in rain, snow and cold weather for a few hours, and thinking of how hard it is for the people in Gaza to manage in such harsh weather conditions. The group used creative displays such as  rocks, sand, and candles, and singing Palestinian songs, which always attracted crowds, reminding viewers of what is going on next door.

Demo for Gaza in Jordan Demo for Gaza in Jordan

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