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Until Return - Issue 6

Important Dates in Palestinian Arab History
Compiled by Nader Abuljebain
Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition

The following is a compilation of important dates and events in Palestinian Arab History for the month of August. For entire year, please see this page.


  • August 12: Tal Al Za3tar
  • August 21: Burning of Al Aqsa
  • August 23: Expelled People Day (Al Mub3adien)
  • August 26: Al Buraq uprising (1929)

1840 Lord Palmerstone, British Foreign Minister-later Prime Minister, sent letter on 11 August, to his Ambassador in Istanbul, to encourage the Sultan to allow and bless the settlement of the European Jews with their wealth in Palestine, to prosper the economy, and to create a barrier against Muhammad Ali’s advancement.

1919 The Paris Peace Conference decided to send an international commission of inquiry to assess the aspirations of the peoples of the East, led by Americans Henry C. King and Charles R. Crane as England and France declined to participate. The King-Crane Commission recommended that, “The project of making Palestine, distinctly a Jewish commonwealth should be given up”, the report was kept secret till 1922.

1922 Fifth Palestinian National Congress convened in Nablus on 22 August decided on the economic boycott of Zionists. The Arab Palestinian Conference was held in Geneva on 25 August. Conference consisted of delegates from Palestine Syria and Lebanon. It called for ending the occupation and the mandate and nullifying the Balfour declaration, and the unity of Greater Syria.

1932 The Arab Independence Party (Hizb al-Istiqlal)-Awni Abdul Hadi, was founded on 2August, by members of the Old anti Ottoman movement of Al Arabia Al Fatat.

1945 The Jewish Agency Executive Committee, agreed to consider the establishment of a Jewish state on an "adequate part of Palestine".

1946 The Sixth Palestinian Delegation sent to London to call for Palestinian independence.
The Arab Labour Conference held in Jaffa.

1948 The Egyptian commander Major Ahmad Abdel Aziz killed 22 August

1953 The Zionists under Sharon committed horrific massacre at Al Bureij Refugee camp in Gaza. (31 August)

1963 The founding of the General Union of Palestinian Labourers - GUPL (Al Ithad Al A’m Lil Omal Al Filisteenien) on August 3rd. Israeli fighter plans raided the town of Maysaloun in Syria.

1967 The Fourth Arab Summit Conference was held in Khartoum, on 29 August, establishing the basis for Arab solidarity over the next 7 years. Egypt-Saudi-Jordan reconciliation, uniting against Israel with the “3 No’s”: to reconciliation, negotiation & recognition of Israel.

1968 Israel attacks the Jordanian city of Al Salt on Aug. 4, and UNSC resolution # 256 condemned Israeli raids on Jordan as “flagrant violation. An Israeli air raid launched against Al Ghouta area a suburb of Damascus.

1969 Fire at al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem destroyed much of the structure, by an arsonist (21 August). UNSC resolution # 270 on 26August condemns Israel for attack on villages in southern Lebanon.

1970 The extra-ordinary Palestinian National Council convenes in Amman in August.

1973 UNSC resolution # 337 on August 15 condemning Israel for violating Lebanon sovereignty.

1976 Starting 2 August, the Syrian army along with Lebanese Right wing militias besiege, and later enter the Palestinian Tel AlZatar refugee camp, causing severe damage and many fatalities after months of honourable Palestinian resistance.

1978 Assassination of Izzeddine Al Qalaq in Paris in August by the Mossad. Mustafa Dudin establishes a ‘Village League’ in Dura village near Hebron, an anti-PLO armed group. Taken up by Israelis after 1982, when civilian administration of West Bank established, using Village League to remove municipalities’ functions.(1 August)

1980 UNSC resolutions #478 - 20 August “Censures in strongest terms” Israel for its claim to Jerusalem in its “basic law”. (US abstained)

1982 UNSC resolution # 517 - 4 August Censuring Israel for failing to obey U.N. resolutions and demanding Israel withdrawal of its forces from Lebanon with the US abstention, and # 518 on 12 August demands Israel to cooperate fully with U.N. forces in Lebanon. First Palestinian groups forced to pull out of Lebanon on 21 August .

1983 US vetoed a UNSC on 2 August condemning continued Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territories of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, denouncing them as an obstacle to peace. (Vote: 13 to 1 with 3 abstentions)

1986 Israel commits air raid/massacre against the civilians in the Lebanese towns of Seer, and Tiri

1993 The PLO announced it reached a secret agreement with Israel in Oslo and came up with a Declaration of Independence on 26 August. Israeli forces killed Imad Aqel in Gaza.

1994 August 29: Israel-Palestinian Agreement on Preparatory Transfer of Powers & Responsibilities signed at Erez: transfer of 5 civilian authorities to PNA.

1995 August 27: Israel-Palestinian Protocol on Further Transfer of Powers & Responsibilities signed at Cairo.

2001 Israel launched campaign seizing Orient House in Jerusalem and bombing Ramallah police HQ (10 August), and invading Jenin to destroy the police station (14 August); followed by invasion of Al-Khalil Hebron (23 August). Israelis kill Abu Ali Mustafa (PFLP) by bombing his office in Ramallah (27 August), and killing 11 Palestinians in early September. Israel and the US pull out of UN World Conference on Racism, 31 August-9 September, ostensibly over criticism of Israel in draft declaration.

2002 Continuing Palestinian negotiations in Gaza City on a common line, with 10 August draft agreement of the 12 major factions (plus independents) declaring the national goals as a Palestinian State in the West Bank & Gaza Strip, and the return of refugees; Hamas initials it, but then produces an alternate, more ambiguous, draft.

2005 In August Israel completes the withdrawal of 15,000 settlers from the Gaza Strip and three minor colonies in the northern West Bank.

2006 Israel wages a terrorist war against Lebanon on 12 July and commits horrific massacres against the Lebanese towns, cities, and villages, Luweyzeh (1 August ), Maaroub (1 August ), Baalbeck (Night 1 -2 August), Qaa (4 August ), Taybeh (4 August ), Ayta Shaab (4 August ), Ansar (6 August ), Al-Jubbeyn (6 August ), Houla (7 August), Ghassaniyeh (7 August ), Ghaziyeh (7-8 August), Kfartebneet (7 August), Breetal (7, 13 vAugust), Shiyyah (7 August ), Mashgharah (9 August ), Al-Hayssa ( 11 August ), Marjeyoun convoy (11 August ), Rweyss (13 August ), Jamaliyyeh (14 August ). UNSC Resolution # 1701 calls for Cease Fire in South Lebanon, on 11 August.


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