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Until Return - Issue 4

Important Dates in Palestinian Arab History
Compiled by Nader Abuljebain
Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition

The following is a compilation of important dates and events in Palestinian Arab History for the month of March. For entire year, please see this page.


    * March 8: International Woman’s Day.
    * March 9: Martyr’s Day – Palestine.
    * March 21: AlKaramah Battle and Palestinian Mother’s Day.
    * March 30: Land Day.

  • 1920 First Palestinian attacks on Zionist colonies on the Syrian Boarders. (1 March). Demonstrations celebrating  Inauguration of Fisal as the King of Syria. (8 March)
  • 1924 Major disturbances for second time in Jaffa in March.
  • 1937 Zionist terrorist organizations planted explosives in Haifa and Jerusalem Markets, in March
  • 1948 Al Qawiqji enters Palestine and assumes command of ALA units in central Palestine. Haganah declares general mobilization. Palestinian Arabs blow up  empty buildings of The Jewish Agency, Palestine Post Newspaper, and Keren Kayemeth ( Jewish National Fund). Arrival of Jabal Al Arab Brigade under the command of Shakib Wahab. Irgun Zionist gangs attack and commit the massacre of the villages of Beit Darras (16 March). Haganah completes destruction of Abu Kbier Quarters in Jaffa (31 March). British House of Commons votes to terminate Mandate 15 May. US delegate asks UN Security Council to suspend action on partition plan and to convene General Assembly special session to work on a trusteeship and truce if Jews also accept. Jewish Agency rejects trusteeship. Ben-Gurion declares Jewish state dependent not on UN partition decision, but on Jewish military preponderance. U.S. President Truman secretly receives Chaim Weizmann at the White House and pledges support for the declaration of a Jewish [NOTE- according to papers at the Truman library the Truman statement recognized the state but crossed out the word ‘Jewish’] state at the end of the British Mandate, on May 15th. Zionists plant explosives at Al Ramleh Market, and various trains in Haifa (30, 31 March), committed massacres at Abu Kbeir near Jaffa (31 March)
  • 1949 Israeli Negev and Golani brigades complete occupation of Negev as far as Umm Rashrash and names it Eilat. (8 March) Israeli-Lebanese Armistice Agreement: Frontier of Mandate Palestine accepted; Israel withdraws from most Lebanese territory (23 March)
  • 1952 Arab Boycott of Israel offices established on 16 March
  • 1954 The massacre of the town of Nahaleen (28 March)
  • 1955 UN Security Council issued resolution #106 on 2 March , condemning Israel for raid on Gaza. Demonstrations in Gaza for the arming of the people.
  • 1962 Battle of Tel Al Neirab, between Syria and Israel on 16 March.
  • 1968 Major battle of Al Karamah, where the Palestinian resistance and the Jordanian army, stopped an Israeli attack on the village east of the Jordan River on ? March. UNSC resolution # 248  March 24 condemned Israel for its massive attack on Karamah.
  • 1970 Israeli shells residential quarters in Al Mansoura, Egypt (March)
  • 1976 Yom Al Ard (Land Day) against land theft and other war crimes in the Gallilee by Zionist occupier on 30 March. Becomes a day of international solidarity with the Palestinian people. US vetoes UNSC resolutions 25 March to deplore Israel’s alteration of status of Jerusalem, which is recognized as an international city by most of world nations and the United Nations. (Vote: 14 to 10)
  • 1977 13th Palestinian National Council convenes in Cairo on 12-20 March, demands the creation of an independent Palestinian State.
  • 1978 Israeli Occupation of Southern Lebanon. Bombings by Israel Air Force and commits massacres of civilians in Lebanese villages: Kawnin, Al Awzaie, AlKhayam, Rashia Church,Abbasieh, and Adloun. (14 March) UNSC Resolution 425 Called for ‘immediate withdrawal’ of Israeli forces from Lebanon, 19 March.
  • 1982 11 March: Israel outlaws National Guidance Committee on the West Bank, prompting mass demonstrations from Palestinians, leading to 28 deaths. Mayors of Al-Bireh, Nablus, Ramallah, Anabta dismissed and replaced with Israeli officials (18 Mar - 30 Apr); 24 Arab mayors suspend work in protest, & Israel dismisses mayors of Jenin (6 July) & Gaza (9 July).
  • 1985 US vetoes UNSC resolution on 12 March condemning Israeli brutality in southern Lebanon, and denouncing Israeli “Iron Fist” policy of repression. (Vote: 11 to 1 with 3 abstentions) Israel committed air raids/massacres and planted car bombs in the Lebanese towns of Beir Al A’bed, Seer Al Gharbiah, Zrariah, Homeen Al-Tahta, Jiba’a Yohmor, Maa’raka in March and April, killing many civilians and Hizbullah leaders.
  • 1991 In Jerusalem, US Sec. of State Baker holds separate meetings with Zionist terrorist PM Shamir and group of 10 Palestinians, led by Faisal Husseini. (12 March)
  • 1994 Israelis commit massacre at the Jabalya Refugee Camp. (March)
  • 1997 Peace process deadlocked by Netanyahu's authorization of new Jewish Colonies (settlements) in east Jerusalem (18 March ), after US vetoed two proposed UNSC resolutions on 7 March, calling for Israel to stop plans to build settlements in Jabal Abu Ghneim (Har Homa) in Jerusalem (Vote: 14 to 1) and on 21 March proposal to condemn Israeli settlement in Jabal Abu Ghuneim. (Vote: 14 to 1).
  • 1998 Hamas Muhieddin Sharif dies in an explosion in Ramallah by the Israeli Mossad. (29 March)
  • 2000 Pope John Paul II visits Palestine the Holy Land on 21 March.
  • 2001 US vetoes proposed UNSC resolution March 27 that condemned Israeli violence and called for immediate cease-fire. (Vote: 9 for, 4 abstentions, 1 non-participant, 1 veto)
  • 2002 Israel launches partial reoccupations of Jenin & Balata refugee camps. (27 February - 14 March). Massive raids on 4 March, killing hundreds of Palestinians in five days, in Gaza Strip.
  • 2004 US vetoes a proposed resolution on 27 March that condemned the Israel’s assassination of Sheikh Ahmad Yassin in Gaza. (Vote: 11 for, 4 abstentions, 1 veto)
  • 2005 London Meeting Supporting the Palestinian Authority convenes, attended by FMs and senior representatives from the US, Europe and Arab countries, to help PA build its institutions. (1 March) Palestinian factions meeting in Cairo declare an open-ended but conditional truce (Hudna) with Israel. 17 March

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