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Until Return - Issue 6

Important Dates in Palestinian Arab History
Compiled by Nader Abuljebain
Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition

The following is a compilation of important dates and events in Palestinian Arab History for the month of June. For entire year, please see this page.


• June 1: Child Day
• June 5: Al Naksa
• June 25: Anti Apartheid Day

1921 The Fourth Palestinian National Congress held on 25 June in Jerusalem agrees to send the First Palestinian delegation to London to explain the Palestinian case against the Balfour Declaration. The First Conference for the Palestinian Mayors is held, continuing annually until 1948.

1923 The Sixth Palestinian National Congress meets in Jaffa on 16 June and decides to send a third Palestinian delegation to London. The National Arab Party Al Hizb Al Araby is formed.

1928 The Seventh Palestinian Congress 20 June in Jerusalem, decides to open negotiation with the British authorities about independence, or at least autonomy. The conference forms a new 48-member Executive Committee.

1930 British Authorities execute by Hanging three Palestinian resistance leaders Mohammad Jamjoum, Atta Al Zeir, and Foad Hijazi, in Acre, on Tuesday June 8th, by the British Authorities, thereby creating the first and most revered of Palestine martyrs.

1933 Zionist revisionists assassinate the prominent Zionist Labour Leader Arlozorov, who was delegated by Bin-Gurion to negotiate emigration of German Jews with the German Nazis.

1935 The Palestinian Arab Reform Party (Hizb al-Islah)- Hussein Fakhri Al Khalidi, Mqahmoud Abu Khadra, and Shibli Al Jamal, is founded on 18 June.

1938 British officer Orde Wingate organizes Special Night Squads of British and Haganah personnel for operation against Palestinian villages.

1944 Dewey, the Republican US Presidential candidate, promises the full support and assistance in the formation of the ‘Jewish State’.

1946 British White Paper on terrorism in Palestine accuses Haganah of cooperating with IZL and Stern Gang in acts of sabotage and violence, and blowing up the bridges between Palestine and the neighbouring countries.

1948 Cease fire is agreed to between Egypt and Israel (1). Count Folke Bernadotte suggests economic, military and political union of TransJordan and Palestine. The union containing Arab and ‘Jewish’ states: Negev and central Palestine to go to Arabs, Western Galilee to Jews, Jerusalem to be part of Arab state with administrative autonomy to Jews, Haifa and Jaffa to be free ports and Lydda free airport. Rejected by both sides.
Security Council calls for prolongation of truce. Security Council resolution calls on governments and authorities concerned to issue indefinite cease-fire orders to their forces in Palestine to take effect within three weeks.First truce: 11-29 June.

1967 June 5-10, Israel attacks Egypt, Syria, and Jordan, and occupies east Jerusalem and the West Bank, until then administered by Jordan, as well as Gaza Strip, until then administered by Egypt, and the Egyptian Sinai peninsula, and Syria's Golan Heights. 14 June U.N. Security Council adopts Resolution # 237, which inter alia, calls upon Israel to facilitate the return of the new 410,000 refugees.‘Israeli’ forces kill 11 and wound 24, in attack on the UNEF Indian Brigade between June-July. On 27 June, The Israeli government adopts a law that enables it to extend its laws and jurisdictions on Jerusalem, after expanding its area 10 times, and demolishing the Arab quarters of Magharebah. The Zionists begin confiscating more Arab Palestinian lands and start building colonies on area in Gaza Strip, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem.

1974 June 12, 12th Palestinian National Council held in Cairo adopts a modified political program. A split of a small group in Fatah, to form Fatah-the Revolutionary Council.

1979 UNSC resolution # 450 on 14 June Calls on Israel to stop attacking Lebanon.

1980 June 2, Mayors Bassam al-Shak‘a (Nablus) & Karim Khalaf (Ramallah) are maimed by bombs, later attributed to Israeli settlers. Ibrahim Tawil (al-Bireh) narrowly escapes.
UNSC resolution # 471 on June 5 expresses deep concern at Israel‘s failure to abide by the Fourth Geneva Convention. Assassination of Yousef Mubarak in Nicosia, and Naim Khader in June in Brussels, by the Mossad. 13 June EEC adopts the Venice Declaration: recognizes Palestinian self-determination, calls for multilateral negotiations and criticizes Israeli occupation and settlement policies. 30 June The Knesset adopts the Basic Law on Jerusalem in which it “officially” annexes the pre-1967 eastern (Palestinian) part of Jerusalem and illegally declares Jerusalem the eternal, undivided capital of Israel. UNSC resolution # 476 on 30 June reiterates that Israel’s claims to Jerusalem are “null and void”
Founding of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement.

1981 UNSC resolution # 487 on 19 June strongly condemned Israel for its attack on Iraq’s civilian nuclear facilities.

1982 Assassination by the Mossad agents of Hussein Kamal in June in Rome, Mohammad in Paris, Saad Sayel in October in Beirut, and Suhail Abul Kul in Nicosia. 6 June Israeli forces launch "Operation Peace for Galilee" invasion of Lebanon. UNSC issues many resolutions - in that regard UNSC # 509 6 June demands Israel withdraw its forces forthwith and unconditionally from Lebanon, and # 515 on 29 July with US abstention, demands Israel must lift its siege of Beirut. While the US vetoes three attempted resolutions against the Israeli attacks on Lebanon: on 8 June a resolution is passed urging sanctions against Israel if it does not withdraw from its invasion of Lebanon. (Vote: 14 to 1), and again on 26 June urging sanctions against Israel if it does not withdraw from its invasion of Beirut, Lebanon. (Vote: 14 to 1).

1989 The US vetoes a UNSC resolution, on 9 June which strongly deplored Israel’s violation of the human rights of the Palestinians(Vote: 14 to 1),

2001 Through mediation of head of CIA, George Tenet, a joint ceasefire (between Israel and the Palestinians in WB and Gaza) is declared (13June).

2002 Israel begins construction of the Apartheid Wall in the West Bank, ostensibly for security reasons to bar suicide bombers from entering Israel; Palestinians and several international human rights organizations claim the wall is a collective punishment measure that will eventually delineate the final borders of Israel. (June) [ why not call it the Annexation Wall---?—eg…begins construction of a wall of annexation, ostensibly for… ‘]
U.S. President George W. Bush in a speech on 24 June, 2002, announces “The Road Map”, in which he calls for an independent Palestinian state side by side with Israel in peace, that would destroy any opposition to colonial hegemony by removing hurdles and obstacles, such as the right of return. Israeli forces re-occupy the West Bank in an operation called Determined Path. (June/July)

2004 Israelis committ many massacres at Gaza and its refugee camps and Beit Hanoun (June).

2006 Israeli troops committ horrific massacres at Gaza and its refugee camps, Gaza Beach, and Beit Hanoun in June and November.

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