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Until Return - Issue 6

Important Dates in Palestinian Arab History
Compiled by Nader Abuljebain
Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition

The following is a compilation of important dates and events in Palestinian Arab History for the month of July. For additional months please see this page


• July 1: Heritage Day
• July 6: Flag Day
• July 12: Cooperative Work Day

1912 Leo Motzkin suggests that the Arab-Jewish problem was soluble if the Arabs would be willing to resettle in the uncultivated lands around Palestine. (July 12)

1922 Arab Executive Committee meets (23-27 June) and calls for a general strike on 13 July. A Palestinian Delegation is sent to the League of the Nations in Luzerne. The League of Nations Council approves the Mandate for Palestine. (24 July)

1923 The first Arab Christian Orthodox conference is held in Haifa on 15 July.

1928 The Conference of the Palestinian Muslim Youth Clubs held in Jaffa.

1930 A conference for the Labour Unions was held in Haifa.

1933 The National Arab Exhibition opens 7 July.

1946 Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry into Zionist immigration and the Morrison-Grady Plan. The Irgun blows up the King David hotel in Jerusalem, including British head quarters. Many people killed. (22 July)

1948 The departure of the last British soldier on the first of July. The occupation of Lyd and Ramleh and a major massacre was committed (11 and 12 July) and at the Dahmash Mosque in Led, and other massacres at Qazaza (9 July), Al Tira (16 July), and Ijzim (24 July). The Palestinian leader Abdel Rahim Mahmoud is killed in the battle to liberate the village of Shajarah (13 July). The fall of the town of Al Naserah (Nazareth) (16 July).
Second truce: 18 July -15 October; 15 Zionist terrorists poison the wells with Typhus and Cholera, in Lyd and Ramleh. The Arab League forms a Civil Administration to run the daily functions of the Palestinians in the remaining un-occupied areas.

1949 July 20, Syrian-Israeli Armistice Agreement: Demilitarized zones established around ‘En Gev and Dardara.

1963 Founding the General Union of Palestinian Women-GUPW (Al Ithad Al A’m Lil Marah Al Filisteeniah) on 15 July, 1963.

1968 The 4th Palestinian National Council convenes in Cairo on 10-17July. Palestinian groups are awarded half the seats, with Fatah predominant; the National Charter (renamed watani, earlier qawmi) revised to affirm the centrality of armed struggle.

1969 UNSC resolution # 267 on 3July censures Israel for administrative acts to change the status of Jerusalem.

1971 The 9th Palestinian National Council convenes in Cairo on 7July , concerned primarily with national unity.

1972 The first conference of the General Union of Palestinian Teachers held in Damascus on 5 July 5.

1980 A conference is held in the 1948 areas attended by many of the Arab masses. It issues a covenant calling for the protection of the Arabs’ civil and political rights, and demanding that Tax money be spent proportionally to the Arab towns, villages and cities, and against Land expropriation.

1981 The Israeli government dismisses the mayors of Jenin (6July) & Gaza (9July), and replaces them. Israel commits an air raid/massacre against the civilians in the Lebanese Cities and Al-Fakhani area and Beirut in general.

1987 Assassination of Naji Al Ali in London by the Mossad.

1988 King Hussein of Jordan ends the Unity between Jordan and the West Bank on 30 July.

1989 Shaykh ‘Abd al-Karim Ubayd, the Hizbullah leader in Lebanon, is kidnapped by Israeli commandos, on 28 July 1990 Israel committs an air raid/massacre against the civilians in the Lebanese town of Siddiqin.

2001 Israel moves heavy armour around the PA areas in the West Bank and steps up its assassination campaign, bombing the office of Jamal al-Mansur in Nablus, killing him and other officials, journalists and two children outside (31 July).

2005 Israel confiscates 93 dunums of Palestinian agricultural land in July, adjacent to the colonies near Hebron.

2006 Israel wages a terrorist war against Lebanon on 12 July and commits horrific massacres against the Lebanese towns, cities, and villages in the south. The US vetoes a proposed UNSC resolution on 13 July to stop the Israeli Aggression on Gaza.(Vote:10 for, 4 abstentions, 1 veto)


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