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Until Return - Issue 3

Report: Baqaa and Gaza Camps in Jordan
By Until Return Reporter in Jordan
December 11, 2007

Baqaa Refugee Camp is one of 10 refugee camps in Jordan. Four of these were created after the 1948 Nakba and six after the 1967 Naksa.

Baqaa - Palestinian Refuge Camp in Jordan

Baqaa was one of the camps created after the 1967 Naksa. It is located 20 km’s north of the capital city Amman. Baqaa camp is the largest Palestinian refugee camp with an estimated population of 180,000 people. According to UNRWA, the agency runs 16 schools, 2 health clinics, and one women and child healthcare center.

Baqaa Refugee Camp reports high poverty and unemployment rates. In addition to that, it is clearly noted that the sewage, garbage, and maintenance services are extremely poor as shown in the attached pictures with this article.

However the situation in Baqaa Camp is much better in comparison to other camps such as Gaza Camp located in Jerash which was also created after 1967 Naksa.

Gaza Refugee Camp - Jordan
In Gaza Camp, UNRWA runs four schools and three doctors for a population of 28,000 people. Unlike other Palestinians living in Jordan, those in Gaza Camp are only eligible to temporary two-year Jordanian passports which do not provide basic civil rights such as the right to employment or to vote.

The women we met from Gaza Camp explained the harsh financial, health, and living conditions the people are facing. The percentage of disabilities noticed in the few houses this reporter visited was extremely high and shocking. Most families have been waiting for years to get financial support to renovate the room or two they call home. Several of the houses we visited were preparing dinner which included old bread pieces soaked in a bowl of water.


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