The Reality of the “Geneva Accord”

940 Intellectuals, Activists, & Community/Organizational Leaders Worldwide Say NO to the “Geneva Accord”

The Geneva Accord was signed Monday, December 1, 2003, amid great media and political fanfare. The 50-page document lays out a plan for a presumed “peace agreement” between Israel and the Palestinian people. We, the undersigned, consider this initiative as inconsistent with the prerequisites of a just and durable peace for the following reasons:

1. It attempts to nullify the Palestinian right of return, both as a collective national right and as an individual right.  By doing so, it strengthens existing attempts to relocate and scatter Palestinian refugees throughout the world and gives credence to plans to abrogate international law pertaining to the inalienable nature of the Right of Return.  The net result would be to extract the very anchor of the Palestinian struggle for self-determination: the indivisible oneness of the Palestinian people and their right to their homes, properties and homeland.

2. It provides a Palestinian-Arab cover for the exclusive nature of the Israeli polity as a “Jewish State”, thus abrogating the national character of the Palestinian people within 1948 borders. It therefore fails to recognize the right of the 1.2 million Palestinian citizens of Israel to live in a democratic state for all its citizens: Jews and Palestinians, and it sets stage for mass transfer and ethnic cleansing in the future to maintain demographic Jewish dominance.

3. It accepts the reconfiguration of Jerusalem based on Israeli annexation plans, and grants Palestinian-Arab legitimacy to the colonial process that altered the Arab character of Jerusalem, making it impossible for the Palestinians to exercise control over “East Jerusalem,” not to say anything about “West Jerusalem,” which was conquered and ethnically cleansed in 1948.

4. It permanently accepts the presence of the vast majority of Israeli settlement colonies, particularly those that surround Jerusalem from the east, south, north and northwest, where most post-1967 settlers live, and alters the geography of Palestine to accommodate such colonial seizures.

5. It codifies a process that would limit the upper ceiling of a potential Palestinian polity to a truncated and demilitarized entity void of sovereignty, and sets in motion a process of expanding Israeli political oversight and control over any potential Palestinian entity.

6. It paves for an economic/political relationship that subordinates the Palestinian people to an exclusive and dominant Israeli polity, thus strategically de-linking the Palestinians from the Arab people and subjugating the national interests of all Arabs to the singular power of an Israeli-US alliance.

7. It allows for Israeli military and economic penetration and permanent outposts into the presumed Palestinian entity.

8. It leaves open all Israeli claims to the region’s water resources, natural wealth, and airspace.  The text makes several references to annexes, but these issues have, in effect, been deferred, and may become the “final status” issues of the Geneva understanding.

9. It dilutes the international consensus on the conflict and attempts to transform the basis of the Palestinian struggle from one of national self-determination and return to that of modified civil rights within a prescribed political framework.

10. Most importantly, it weakens the national unity and resolve of the Palestinian people leading to the potential defeat of the current Intifada in the same manner Madrid and Oslo destroyed the first a decade ago.

11. It diminishes European commitment to Palestinian sovereignty, and most importantly, it expands the margin of Palestinian concessions, which have been bottoming out during the past two decades, making it very difficult for future Palestinian negotiators to back away from these concessions, including the renunciation of the Right of Return.

12. It assumes the Palestinian victims of Israel are the criminals, and the new judges allegedly more liberal than previous ones in the sentencing.

The Geneva Accord is a natural extension and an inevitable result of the “Road Map” and all associated models.  The outcome of all, if allowed to succeed, would be to terminate the Palestinian march to freedom, to nullify indefinitely and de-legitimize the Palestinian right to return, and to subordinate the Arab nation to a heavily militarized outpost with normalized relationships with its surrounding.


940 signatories, listed by alphabetical order.  The asterisk (*) notation indicates for “identification only”.

A.Clare Brandabur, Ph.D., English Department, Doðuþ University*, Istanbul, Turkey; A.Thieme, The Netherlands; Abbas Ali, Ph.D., Professor and Director, School of International Management, Indiana University of Pennsylvania*; Abbas Alnasrawi, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, University of Vermont*, Shelburne, VT, USA; Abbas Hamideh, Palestine Right of Return Congress, CO-Coordinator, Al-Awda/Palestine Right To Return Coalition, Director, Deir Yassin Committee of New York; Abbas S. Rangwala, IT Professional, Toronto, Canada; Abdelhaleem Ashqar, Ph.D., Former Director of Public Relation Department-Islamic University of Gaza*, a Palestinian Activist in Washington, D.C.; Abdelhameed Siyam, Political Scientist, Writer and Media Analyst, New York; Abdulelah Abu Assi – Montreal Canada; Abdullah Mohammad Sindi, Ph.D. International Relations, Placentia, California; Abdullah Rahmati, New York, USA; Abdul-Wahab Kayyali, Tufts University*, Medford, Massachusetts; Abeer Atallah, Florida, USA; Abla Shocair, Sudbury-Ma; Abraham Gutierrez, San Francisco, CA, USA; Adam Davis, Student, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL, USA; Adam Johannes, Publicity Officer, South Wales Coalition Against the War; Adam Rose, Anti-Racist Action, Columbus, OH; Adel Fadel; Adel Samara, Writer, Economist, Editor of Kana’an Magazine, Occupied Palestine; Adib S. Kawar, Palestinian writer, Beirut, Lebanon; Adnan M. Derbas, Engineer / Buisnessman, San Diego, California, USA; Adrianne DeSantis, Writer, American Canyon, CA; Adrienne Johnstone, teacher and activist, United Educators of San Francisco*, AFL-CIO*; Afrah Jaber Dalbah, Palestine; Ahmad Jaradi, President of Palestinian American Congress, Houston Chapter, Houston, Texas; Ahmed Benani, Ph.D., President of The International Observatory for Palestinian Affairs, (IOPA), Geneva – Switzerland; Ahmed Jebari, Cambridge, Mass; Ahmed Shawki, Editor of International Socialist Review, Chicago, IL, USA; Aisha Dixon-Peters, Los Angeles, CA; Alan Benjamin, editor The Organizer, OPEIU* Local 3 delegate to San Francisco Labor Council*; Alan Papscun, S. Egremont, MA; Alberto Gonzalez, Casa Grande, Arizona; Alexander Martin Remollino, Writer/Journalist, Philippines; Ali Abunimah, Writer/journalist, Electronic Intifada*, Chicago; Ali Al-Hindi, Palestinian refugee, Bourj el-Barajneh, Lebanon; Ali Fattom, Ph.D., Vice president, Research, Nabi Biopharmaceuticals*, Washington, D.C; Ali Hebshi; Ali Khalaf Al-Tawil, Law student, Michigan State University*, Michigan; Ali Yassir, Montreal, Canada; Alice Bach, Archbishop Hallinan Chair of Catholic Studies*, Professor, Women’s Studies, Case Western Reserve University*; Alice F Azzouzi, Abrahams Salon*, a mission of the Potter’s House Church*, Washington, D.C; Alice Hesselrode, Windsor, Ontario, Canada; Alisa Klein, Northampton, Massachusetts, USA; Allen Maki, San Francisco, California; Allison Byrum, Wimberley, Tx, USA; Allison Ogilvie, Columbus, OH; Allyson Adley, Jewish Women’s Committee to End the Occupation*, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Aly Elrefaie, Ph.D., American University of Sharjah*, Sharjah, UAE; Amal Atieh Jubran, Enola, Pa. USA; Aman Khalaf Al-Tawil, Attorney at law (international), Washington, D.C.; Amanda Maystead, International Socialist Organization, San Francisco, CA; Ammar Makboul, Stockholm Sweden; Amr Darrag, Ph.D.; Amr S. Moubarak, Laurel, Maryland USA; Ana Kelly, Artist/Filmmaker, Pittsburgh, PA; Ana Kirola; Anahid Kassabian, Director, Literary Studies Program, Faculty, Women’s Studies Program, Associate Professor, Department of Communication and Media Studies, Fordham University*; Andrew Kalukin, Ph.D., Scientist, Arlington, VA; Andrew Libson, SF,USA; Angela Saad, Students for a Free Palestine, Salaam: Arab and Middle Eastern Students Group, Wesleyan University; Ann Joseph, M.A., M.P.S., M.Ed., M.Div., Public school teacher (retired) New York City, University Church (Chicago); Anna Maria Robles, Students for Social Justice, Chicago; Anna Weekes, South Africa, Palestine Solidarity Committee; Anne Selden Annab, Homemaker/poet; Anne-Marie Chagnon-Migalli, Educator, Manchester, New Hampshire; Annette Shatilla; Annette Thomas, Clarkston, Michigan; Annie C Higgins, Ph.D., Researcher, Chicago, IL; Anthony McIntyre, Ph.D., The Blanket, Belfast; Anthony Ocone, Artist, Ojai, CA; Anthony Watt, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Anthony Zahlan, Ph.D., Scientist/Author, United Kingdom; Antonio E. Rue, Argentina; Arab Abdel-Hadi, Egypt; Arnold F. Walter, Guerrilla Writer; Aroub Abdull Fattah Deeb, Palestinian Right of Return, San Diego, CA; Arthur H. Whitman, Auburn, Maine; Arturo J. Pérez Saad, Brooklyn, NY; As`ad AbuKhalil, Ph.D., Department of Politics, California State University*, Stanislaus, California; Ashraf El-Bayoumi, Ph.D., Cairo, Egypt; Asif Yusuf, Village Trustee, Village of Oak Brook*, Illinois, Ripublican Committeeman Precinct 122* York Township, DuPage County, Illinois; Assaf Kfoury, Ph.D., Professor of Computer Science, Boston University*; Ayad Al-Qazzaz, Professor, California State University*, Sacramento; Ayham Khleif, Business executive. Washington D.C., USA; Badia Benjelloun (Dr.) Paris; Baha Al-Abed, Chicago, IL; Bahieh E. Musa, M.A., Falls Church, VA; Ban Al-Wardi, Esq., President, American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee*, Los Angeles/Orange County Chapter; Barbara Evans, writer, Seattle WA; Barbara Nimri Aziz, Ph.D., Writer/anthropologist, Radio Producer, WBAI-Pacifca*, NY; Barbara Warner, Lebanon, KY; Barry Flanagan, Ph.D., UNC-Chapel Hill*; Barry J. Ziegler, Thurmont, MD; Basel Bahhour, Al-Bireh Palestine Society, California Chapter, Free Palestine Alliance, Los Angeles, CA; Basem Shahin, Chief editor – Dubai e-Government, Dubai UAE; Bashar Al-Madani, Student, Chicago, IL; Basil Ayish, Video For Peace, San Francisco, CA; Bassam Bahhour, Free Palestine Alliance, Los Angeles, California; Bassam Habal, Everett, MA; Beesan Barghouti, Dubai, UAE; Ben Eckstein, Revolution Youth, San Francisco, CA; Benjamin Grunde, Ashland, Oregon, USA; Bernard Leeman, Melbourne, Australia; Beth Irikura, Honolulu, HI, USA; Beth Massey, International Action Center-Chicago/Chicago Coalition Against War and Racism*; Betsy Hooker, Ormond Beach, FL; Betty J. Carr, Denver, CO; Bill Kong, Peace Action and Gray Panthers, Sacramento, California; Bill Massey, International Action Center-Chicago/Chicago Coalition Against War and Racism*; Bill Ross, Ontario, Canada; Birgit Althaler, Translator, Basel, Switzerland; Biswapriya Purkayastha, Shillong, India; Blair David Anundson, Activism Coordinator- Allegheny College Peace Coalition* ; Blanca Corea-London, Los Angeles, Ca; Bob Glanzman, Seattle, WA; Bob Oort, Author, Artist, Composer, Teacher, Georgica NSW Australia; Bobby Wiliamson, Vallejo, CA; Bonnie Weinstein, Bay Area United Against War*, San Francisco, CA; Boussaina Bechnak, Montreal, Canada; Brian Becker, National Steering Committee, International A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition, New York; Brian G. Vaughan, International Socialist Organization, Byron, California, USA; Brian Smith, Student, Tacoma, WA; Briana Hiller-Hannan, Tucson, AZ, USA; Brock L. Bevan, Researcher/M.A. Candidate – AUB*, Washington, DC; Bruce Hawkins, Northampton, MA; Bruce J. Malina, Ph.D., Dept. of Theology, Creighton University*, Omaha, NE; Caitlin ni Chonaill M.A., Teacher, Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Belfast; Cameron McLaughlin, Pensacola, Florida; Camilla Ingman-Fulton, Umea, Sweden; Carl F. Selnes (MSgt Ret.), Walla Walla, WA; Carl Messineo, Esq., Partnership for Civil Justice*, National Steering Committee, International A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition, Washington, D.C.; Carla Burton, world citizen; Carlene Clements, retired nurse; Carlos A. Navarro Cases, Huesca, Spain; Carlos Morales-Mateluna, MD, Philadelphia, PA; Carol Holland, Larchmont, NY; Carole Lawson , Senior Policy Officer, NSW Department of Education and Training, New South Wales, Australia ; Carole Ryden, Hendersonville, NC; Carole Seligman, member Bay Area United Against War*, San Francisco, California; Carolyn Apsey; Carolyn E Krause, Artist, La Quinta, CA; Caryl Guisinger, Central Nebraska Peace Worker*, Nebraska U.S.A; Cat Greenstreet, Sloatsburg, NY; Cathryn Sells, Grover Beach, CA ; Charles Byrne, Kids in Distressed Situations, Inc.*, New York, NY; Charles C. Ford, Ph.D., retired university lecturer, member of the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, London, UK ; Charles Hallenbeck, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Psychology, The University of Kansas*; Charles Homsy, Houston, Texas; Charles McGee, San Jose, CA; Charles Philbrick, Providence, Rhode Island; Charles R. Denton, Ph.D., Manchester, New Hampshire; ; Charlotte Kates, New Jersey Solidarity, Newark, NJ; Cheryl A. Rubenberg, Ph.D., Retired Professor, Florida International University*, North Miami, Florida; Chicago Anti-Bashing Network (CABN); Chicago Coalition Against War and Racism (CCAWR), Chicago, IL; Chris Adams, Member, Veterans for Peace, Carlsbad, CA; Chris Leadbeater, Arab Media Watch*, Oxford, England; Christiana Mauro, Committee Against Impunity in Guatemala, Outremont, QC ; Christine Madore, Jose, CA; Christine Stanfield; Chuck Giese, Fremont, CA; Ciarán Bradley, Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Belfast, Ireland; Cindy Asrir, Nebraska Green Party*, Nebraskans for Justice in Palestine*, Lincoln, NE; Clare Cooke, CodePink Bay Area, San Francisco, CA; Clark Gabriel Field, MPS, Evansville, Indiana; Claudine Dauphin, Ph.D., Archaeologist and Historian of Byzantine Palestine; Cliff Joseph, A.T.R., visual artist, art therapist, Chicago; Constance M. Hammond, Progressive Peace Coalition, Columbus Ohio; Cory Thrall, Wurmfang International, Santa Rosa, California, USA; Cris Staubach, Librarian & Poet, Niantic, CT USA; Cyrus Bina, Ph.D., Professor of Economics, University of Minnesota, USA ; D.B. Black, Charlotte, NC; Dahlia Wasfi, M.D., Denver, CO; Dalia Sadiq, Free Palestine Alliance, Aliso Viejo, California; Damon Burchell, B. Sc., Hiphop Artist, The Dope Poet Society, Toronto, Canada; Dan Bacher, Central America Action Committee*, Sacramento, CA; Dan Elliott, Sacramento Coalition to Stop the Patriot Act*, Sacramento, California; Dan Roth, High School Student, Ohio; Daniel Gaido, Ph.D., Haifa; Daniel Sapoznick, MSW, San Francisco, California; Daniela Francisco, Bayside, NY; Daniela Montesinos, Art Buyer, Grey Healthcare Group*, NYC; Danilo Mandic, Princeton University*, U.S.A; Danny Dayus; Daphne Yassir, Spain; Darena Rose, Clarkburg, West Virginia; Darlene Wallach, Justice for Palestinians, San Jose, CA; Dave Tibbs, International Socialist Organization, San Francisco CA; David Delaney, Belfast, Ireland; David Dixon, Coordinator, Charlotte Fellowship Of Reconciliation*, Charlotte, NC; David Houck, Pennsylvania State University*, State College, PA; David Lewis; David Mellow; David Pugh, journalist, Network in Solidarity with the People of the Philippines–NY-NJ (NISPOP)*; Co-Founder, National Coalition to Protect Political Freedom (NDPPF), 1997; David Rolde, Weston, Massachusetts, USA; David Singer, New York, NY; Deborah Wianecki, R.N., City and County of San Francisco*, Local 790*; Dee Knight, New York, NY; Denise Owings, Student, Garden City, Kansas; Despina Moutsouris  Boston, MA USA; Dette Mc. Loughlin, Mandate Trade Union Representative/SWP, Republic of Ireland; Diana Arezzo, Ph.D., Arlington MA; Diane C. Beeny, NJ Mobilization for Global Justice; Diane Langford, writer, London; Dianne Comini, urban & regional planner, Davis, CA; Dianne Smith, CWA Local 7800* – Seattle, WA; Dick Canby, Rites of Passage Establishing Self (ROPES)*, Sedona, AZ  USA; Dick Reilly, Hammerhard MediaWorks, Chicago Coalition Against War and Racism*, Chicago, Illinois (Former Midwest coordinator and NEC member of the Palestine Solidarity Committee); Direct Action Palestine, New York; Dima Shehadeh, Brooklyn, NY; Dima Zein, English Literature, Damascus, Syria; Dolores Reynolds, Bloomingdale, MI; Dominique Jourdain, Avocat, Rochefort, France; Donald B. Clark, United Church of Christ*, Network for Environmental & Economic Responsibility*, Pleasant Hill, TN; Donna D. Stevens, SFC E-7, US Army, Retired, Findlay, Ohio; Donna M. Joss, Ph.D., Professor, Worcester State College*, USA; Donna Wallach, Justice for Palestinians, San Jose, CA; Dorli T Rainey, Seattle, WA; Douglas C. Estes, San Francisco, CA; Dru D. Carter, Former Teacher, KNOW (Kalamazoo Non-Violent Opponents of War*), Women in Black*, Code Pink*, Kalamazoo, MI; Duc Dang, B.A. Sociology-Urbana-Champaign*, Chicago Anti-Bashing Network*, Chicago, IL; E. Dangor, Imperial College*, London UK; E. Vaughn Guloyan, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Northeastern University*; Eamon Aloyo, graduate Student at Lehigh Univ. Bethlehem, PA, USA; Ed Hernandez, International Socialist Organization, Students Against War (Campus Anti-War Network), San Francisco State University; Ed Hunt, SEIU Local 925*, Seattle, USA; Ed Mast, Palestine Solidarity Committee, Seattle, Washington USA; Edith Cacciatore, Novato, CA; Edward Childs, Chief Steward Local 2* Boston Hotel Employees & Restaurant Employees*; Eid B. Mustafa, M.D., F.A.C.S., Texas; Eiffie Khan, Australia; Eileen Gold, San Francisco, CA; Elaine Hagopian, Ph.D., Professor Emerita of Sociology, Simmons College*, Organizer of the April 2000 Right of Return Conference; Eli Stephens, Left I on the News; Elias Davidsson, composer, Palestinian, Reykjavik, Iceland; Elias Rashmawi, Free Palestine Alliance, USA, National Steering Committee of International A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition, California; Elizabeth Fenton, Member of BCPR*, Cambridge, Massachusetts; Elizabeth Harrington, One World Society, University College Cork*, Ireland; Elizabeth Viering, Small Business Owner, Stonington, CT ; Elizabeth Wrigley-Field, International Socialist Organization, Campus Antiwar Network*, New York University*, New York, NY, USA; Elizabeth X. Kligge, Reading, PA, USA; Ellen Schwartz, Co-chair, California branch Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom*, Sacramento, CA; Elliot Saunders, Teacher & Volunteer for The Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada, Toronto, Canada; Emiliano Grimaldi, Graphic designer, Rome; Emily Maloney, Santa Cruz, California; Encke King; Eric Andrade, Member, ACLU*, New York, NY; Eric Bourgeois, Ph.D., Cambridge, MA; Eric Raed, M.A. Students for Social Justice, Palestine Solidarity Group, Students for Justice in Palestine, University of Illinois-Chicago; Erica Dodd, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor, University of Victoria*, Victoria, BC, Canada; Erica Mitrano, Baltimore MD; Erin McConnell-Burns, Mountain View, California; Esther Morales, San Francisco, CA; Eugene H. Craig, Steward, Service Employees International Union, Local 715*, San Jose, California; Evalyn F. Segal, Professor Emerita, San Diego State University, Philadelphia PA; Evangeline Binder, Sparta, NJ; Fadhil Al-Kazily, Ph.D., Part-time Professor, Civil Engineering, California State University*; Fadi Kiblawi, Students for Justice in Palestine, George Washington University Law School, Washington D.C.; Fadwa El Guindi, Ph.D., University of Southern California*; Fahmi Al-Aboudi, Ph.D., Department of English, Birzeit University*, Palestine; Faith T. Zeadey, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology, Worcester State College*, Worcester, MA; Farouq Shafie, Ann Arbor, MI; Fatima Fatemah, France; Fatima Hasan, QA Engineer, San Jose California; Fatima Seedat, Durban, South Africa; Fawzi Asmar, Ph.D., Writer/journalist, Washington, D.C; Fawzi Kawash; Fayyad Sbaihat, Al-Awda Wisconsin*, University of Wisconsin-Madison*; Federica Coen, Teacher, Urbino, Italy; Fida Amin, Palestinian student NLH, Norway; Firas Souheil Kanafani, Palestinian Right of Return, San Diego, CA; Fouad Elhage, Ph.D., Chairman of the Australian Iraqi Friendship Association; Frances E. Hepburn, Callicoon, NY; Frank Akel, Writer, Quebec, Canada; Frank Buono, South Jersey Campaign for Peace & Justice; Freda Guttman, artist, member: Jewish Alliance Against the Occupation & International Solidarity Movement-Montreal; Free Palestine Alliance – USA; Fulvio Grimaldi, Journalist and Videographer, member of the Italian Palestine Forum*, Rome, Italy; G. Randle, QLD. Australia; G.L. Maddalena, Italy; Gabriel Camacho, Chapter President, Labor Council for Latin American Advancement*, Massachusetts Chapter; Gary Rothberger, Cambridge, MA; Gary Zatzman; Co-Editor, Dossier on Palestine; Halifax Canada; Gene Ulmer, Ft. Bragg, CA; Genevieve Cora Fraser, Journalist/Poet/Playwright, Massachusetts; Genia M. Daniels, writer, artist, member of The Palestinian Right to Return Coaliton-Madison, WI; Geoffrey Bottoms (Fr.), St Monica’s RC Church, Blackpool, England UK; George A. Kouchakji, Ph.D., Retired Medical Microbiologist, Switzerland; George Bisharat, Ph.D., Professor, Hastings College of Law*, San Francisco, California; George Capaccio, Writer, Arlington, Massachusetts; George Rogers, Portland, Oregon; George Zahr, Ph.D., Past Board Member, Garnet Valley School District, Pennsylvania*, Past President of Palestine Aid Society*, Board member, American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee*, Greater Philadelphia Chapter, Pennsylvania; Gerald Heidel, CDC for the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, St. Petersburg, FL; Geri Burn, Belfast, Ireland; Gerry Quinn Junior, Humanitarian, Belfast, Ireland Ghada Ghantous San Clemente, CA; Ghada Karmi, M.D., Author, United Kingdom; Gil Anidjar, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Columbia University, New York, USA; Giorgio Riboldi – coordinamento nazionale Slai Cobas – RSU Regione Lombardia – Italia; Giudice Fausto, Journalist and Writer, Member of the Association for One Democratic State (Lausanne) France; Giulia El Dardiry, Environmental/Mental Health Researcher, Institute for Community and Public Health, Birzeit University*, Palestine; Gloria Rubac, A.N.S.W.E.R., Houston, Texas; Greg Simons; Greg Spence Wolf; Haidar Eid, Ph.D., Abu Dhabi University*, UAE; Haitham Aranki -CEO, Aranki Spring Manfacturing, Los Angeles California; Haithem El-Zabri,, Los Angeles, CA; Hakima Aouragh, student Sociology and activist International Socialists, The Netherlands; Hanan Hammoud, Journalism/ law studnet- Syndey, Australia; Hanan Salim, Bahrain; Hanna Aboulghar, Lecturer of Pediatrics, Cairo university, Cairo, Egypt; Hanna Batarseh, Board Member, Sacramento Peace Action*, Free Palestine Alliance, California; anna Yousef, Uppsala, Sweden; Hannah Cherkassky, Student/Activist/Environmentalist, San Ramon, CA; Harvey Baylis; Hasan Abunimah, Former Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Jordan at the UN*; Hasan Newash, Poet, activist, and Member Coordinating Committee for the Detroit Peace with Justice Network* (DAPJN.) Grosse Pointe, Michigan; Hassan El-Zein, Brisbane, Australia; Hassan Fouda, Ph.D., Groton, CT; Hassan Waarie, Palestine Cultural Forum*, Norway; Hatem Bazian, Ph.D., University of Califonia Berkeley*, CA, USA; Hazem Nashif, Ph.D., California; Heather Reid, Brookville, OH; Hefny Ellithy, Finance & Accountant Manager, SAMACO*, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; eidi Zwicker, Colorado Jobs With Justice*, Denver, Colorado; Hernán López-Garay, Profesor Titular, Universidad de Los Andes*, Mérida, Venezuela; Husam Abusneineh, President, American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, Greater Sacramento Area Chapter, Free Palestine Alliance, California; Hussein Agrama, Ph.D. Candidate, Anthropology, Johns Hopkins University*, Washington D.C.; Hwaa Irfan writer, editor, consultant and counselor at, Cairo, Egypt; Ian D. Thompson, National Committee to Free the Cuban Five – LA Chapter, National Lawyers Guild – LA, Executive Committee Member, Los Angeles, California; Ibrahim El-Hakim Ph.D., Professor, Ain Shams University*, Cairo, Egypt; Ibrahim Imam, Ph.D. University of Louisville*; Ibrahim K. Lada’a, M.D., ENT Specialist/Head of Dept., Lippspringe, Germany; Ihab Darwish, Free Palestine Alliance, Washington, D.C.; Ihab El-Hindi, Palestinian refugee, Bourj el-Barajneh, Lebanon; Ilham abuassi, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; Imad Khadduri, Ph.D., former Iraqi nuclear Scientist, Toronto, Canada; International Action Center, Chicago Chapter, IL; Iris Bar, college teacher, Haifa, Palestine; Isabelle Humphries, St Mary’s College, University of Surrey*, UK; Islamic Information Center, Tshwane (Pretoria), South Africa; Isma’il Kamal, Muslim Student Association* – National, Washington, D.C.; Ismail Zayid, M.D., President, Canada Palestine Association; Issam Al Yamani, Writer, Canada; Issam Naqib, Ph.D., Former Dean, Graduate School, Kuwait University*; J. Glenn Evans, writer, poet and historian, Seattle WA; J. Hymans, Bridgeport, Connecticut; J. Nisha Mohammed, Legal Assistant, Bloomington, Illinois; Jaber Suleiman, Co-founder of Ai’Dun, Lebanon; Jack Gubanc, Oakton, VA; Jack Tobin, Ed.D., Boston, MA; Jacqueline Taylor Basker; Jafar Jafari, IT Professional & Activist, Washington, DC; Jamal A. Rayyis, journalist, New York; Jamal Aruri, Esquire, Lowell, MA; Jamal Kanj, San Diego Ca; Jamal Kharbush, Madison, WI; Jamal Saleh, Free Palestine Alliance, Sacramento, California; James A. Kenny, Jackson Heights, NY; James Buffaloe; James F. Harrington, New Hampshire; James Lafferty, Executive Director, National Lawyers Guild/Los Angeles*, Los Angeles, California; James Slater, Kissimmee, FL; James W. Donaldson, Twisp, Wa; Jamie Hagen-Holt, Educator, San Diego, CA; Jamil Dakwar, Attorney, General Assembly Member, Adalah; Jamil Fayez, M.D., Professor, Washington, D.C.; Jamil S. Ibrahim, Students for Justice in Palestine, University of California, Davis; Jan Bauman, Mill Valley, CA; Jane Starfield, English Department, Vista University* – Soweto Campus; Janeen Rashmawi, high school student, Davis, California; Janet Abu-Lughod, Ph.D., Professor Emerita of Sociology, The New School, New York*, East Quogue, New York; Janet Ma’ly, American Christian Citizen/wife of a Palestinian refugee; Janice Linnea Bjorkman; Janice Nakashima, Sacramento, CA; Janice Rael, Political Activist, Clayton, NJ, USA; Janice Robin, Pittsburgh, PA; Janis Martiez; Jean Harrington, Writer/Reader, Hopewell Borough, New Jersey; Jean Pauline, Oakland, CA; Jeff Honings, Edgecomb, ME; Jeffrey Arellano Cabusao, graduate student, University of Michigan*, Ann Arbor, MI; Jenaro Rodriguez, Pax Christi of the Alleghennies, Hastings, PA; Jennifer (Jays) Janney, MPH, Doctoral Student in Sociology, Indiana University Bloomington*; Jennifer Loewenstein, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer, Professional Communications, University of Wisconsin – Madison*, Madison, Wisconsin; Jennifer Plyler, International Solidarity Movement, Toronto, Canada; Jennifer Rebecca White, St. Nicholas Neighborhood Preservation Corp.*, North Brooklyn Greens*, Brooklyn, New York; Jennifer Winkler, Fairfield, California; Jenny Lynn McNutt, artist and educator, New School University and Pratt Institute, New York; Jeremy M Brown – Student, aspiring journalist, angry democrat; Jeremy Tully, Princeton, NJ; Jerri Higgins, Group facilitator/teacher, writer/singer/actress, Parent, Montague City, Massachusetts; Jess Ghannam, Ph.D., Professor, University of California, San Francisco *, Right of Return Congress, Al-Awda Coalition; Jesse Bacon, Chicago, IL; Jesse Heiwa, Queers For Peace And Justice; Jesse Thorn, Garner, NC; JG, Burdett, NY; Jill Bourget, Laguna Niguel, California; Jim Helriggle, East Liberty, Ohio U.S.A; Jimmy Qaqundah, Students for Justice in Palestine, UC Davis, Davis, California; Jing Zhao, Ph.D., Senior Fellow of US-Japan-China Comparative Policy Research Institute*, San Jose, California, USA; Jiries Mogannam, Los Angeles, CA; Jo Abaya, law student, Ateneo de Manila University*, Manila, Philippines; Joanne Abu-Qartoumy, National Executive Secretary, Palestinian American Congress; JoAnne Pritten, Writer, Carlsbad, California; Jocelyn Braddell, Editor The Handstand; Jodie Dow-Novaes; Joe Moffat, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA; Joe Mustich, Connecticut; John B. Crain, South Jersey Campaign for Peace & Justice, Wilingboro, NJ; John Caruso, Writer, Steering Committee, VT Local, National Writers Union*, Braintree, VT; John Dumser, Northport, NY; John Estes; John F. Robertson, Ph.D., Professor of History, Central Michigan University*; John Gilligan – AOH, I.P.P.C.H. – Whitesboro, NY; John Glansbeek, Palestinian Solidarity Committee-Seattle, WA; John Green, International Socialist Organization, Davis, CA; John Neal, Cleveland, Ohio; John Perry Ryan, Braintree, VT; John Reese, Campaign to Stop the Wall – US, Seattle WA; Jon Paul; Jon Salenger, Recovering Corporate Propagandist, Los Angeles, CA; Jordan Flaherty – NOLA Palestine Solidarity* – New Orleans, LA; José Lagardera, writer, Pueblo Insurgente, Venezuela; Joseph Catron, Williamsburg, VA; Joseph Clouser-Alicante, Spain; Joseph Massad, Ph.D., Professor, MEALAC, Columbia University*, New York, N.Y; Joseph J. Zefran, LCSW, Visiting Lecturer, Northeastern Illinois University, President, Joyful Spirits Consulting, Chicago, Illinois; Josh On, Creator of, member of International Socialist Organization; Judith Martinez, Port St Lucie, Fl; Judy Andler; Judy Kull, Kerhonkson, New York; Julia Carpenter, Doctoral Candidate, Modern Thought & Literature, Stanford University; Julia Sutton, Tustin, CA, USA; Juliano Mer-Khamis, Haifa, Actor; Julie Hankinson; Julie Obermeyer, Anchorage, Alaska, USA; Julie R. Kornmeyer, Spokane, WA USA; June McKenzie, Crescent,  PA; Justine McCabe, Ph.D., Member, International Committee, Green Party of the United States*; Kamal Khalaf Altawil, M.D., Past president of the Arab American University Graduates (AAUG), Past president of the National Arab American Medical Association (NAAMA), Pennsylvania; Karen Falconer Al-Hindi, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Geography and Women’s Studies, Director of Women’s Studies, University of Nebraska at Omaha*; Karen Havnaer, Tacoma Peace Justice and Healing*,  Tacoma, Washington; Karen Spence; Karin Friedemann, Editor, World View News Service, Highland Park, NJ; Karma Nabulsi, Ph.D., Professor Nuffield College*, Oxford University, United Kingdom; Kate Mac Neil, Hendersonville, NC; Kate Mullins, Chico, California; Kathleen Juranic, Edgewater Florida; Kathryn Quinn, Belfast, Ireland; Katie Bjorkman, Burlington, Wisconsin; Kay Kelly, Albany, New York; Keith H Thomas, Stroudsburg, PA, USA; Kemal Saumtally, Republic of Mauritius; Ken Adams, Tucson, AZ; Ken Cornet (American of European Jewish background) Connecticut; Kenneth R. 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Kayyali, Public Relations, Arab Institute for Research and Publishing*, Jordan; Rania Masri, Ph.D., Program Director, Institute for Southern Studies*, Raleigh, North Carolina; Rawan Abdul-Nabi, Sydney University Arab Students Association, Sydney, Australia; Rebecca Starr, college teacher and human rights activist, San Diego, California; Reed Adam, Seattle, WA – Student, Stanford University; Reem Khamis Dakwar, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Speech & Language Pathology, Teachers College, Columbia University*; Reem-Awad Rashmawi, Attorney, former President of American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, Greater Sacramento Area, CA; Reena A. Naser, Amman – Jordan; Reine Dauphin, Journalist, Nice, France; Rev. Charles Lord, Obed Watershed Association*, Pleasant Hill, TN; Rev. Walter Stark, Cumberland Countians for Peace & Justice*, Pleasant Hill, TN USA; Rezeq Faraj, sociologist, Montreal ,Canada; Rhea Worrell, writer/paralegal, North Carolina; Rhoda Shapiro, Encinitas, CA, Writer; Rich Lesnik, San Francisco, CA; Richard Becker, Western Region Coordinator, International Action Center, San Francisco, California; Richard Brinton, Salinas, California, USA; Richard Falk, Milbank Professor of International Law Emeritus, Princeton University*; Richard Hunt, Software Engineer, Phoenix, AZ; Richard R. Rivard, Retired Educator, Boston, MA, USA; Rima Isam Anabtawi, M.A., Co Founder Al-Awda, PRRC, Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees, USA; Riyad Mansour, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor, Central Florida University*, Orlando, Florida; Rob Sandomierski, Student The State University of Rutgers*, New Jersey, USA; Robb de Vournai, San Jose, CA; Robert A Stone, Highland Park, IL; Robert Arconti; Robert Brenner, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)*; Robert Lottering – Student, Richmond, VA; Robert Squires, Civil Liberties Defense Coalition*, Neighbors for Peace and Justice*, Los Angeles, CA; Robert Hilliard, Ph.D., Professor, Emerson College*, Boston, MA; Robin Friend, Human Being, retired, Yelm, WA; Robin L. Øye; Robin MacRostie, Amherst, MA; Roger S. Pierre, Journalist, London, U.K.; Roland Rance, Jews Against Zionism, London UK; Ron McGill, Los Angeles, CA; Ronald Bleier; Ronald L. Stubbs, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor of Sociology , Florida International University*, Miami, Florida; Rosalinda V. Amash, Attorney, Los Angeles, CA; Rosemary Everett, SNJM, Cupertino, CA; Rotem Moscovich, New York, USA; Roxanne Camus, Tucson, AZ; Ruth Bird’; Ruth Miner, Philadelphia, PA; Ryvka Bar Zohar, student, Western Massachusetts Palestine Action Coalition; Saad Alani, Netherlands; Sabina Rank, Houston, TX; Said Arikat, Journalist/writer, Washington, D.C; Sa’id El-Hindi, Palestinian refugee, Omaha, Nebraska; Said Shehadeh, Jaffa, Palestine; Saif Hussain, Professional Engineer, Los Angeles, Ca; Saifu Morriswalla, Indiana Coalition for Social Justice*; Sajidah, Student, Students for Justice in Palestine*, UC Berkeley, CA; Sako Sefiani, Glendale, California; Salamah Shahin, Ramallah, Palestine; Saleem Fahmawi, Ph.D., New York; Sally Chase Clark, Los Angeles, CA; Sally Gellert; Sam Salmon, Green Bay, WI; Sam Samarah, Chicago, Illinois; Sama Abdulhalim, Oceanside, CA USA; Sameer Tuffaha, Palestinian American Congress, Boston, MA; Sami Daher, Switzerland; Sami Kanafani, Architectural Engineer, (ACAMP)-President, Association of Canadian Arab Media Professionals; Sami Odeh, Radio and TV journalist, Montreal Canada; Sami Wassef; Samia A. Halaby, MFA Indiana University, Independent artists and write, The Defend Palestine Committee, New York, NY; Samia Khoury, a community volunteer, Jerusalem, Palestine; Samia Mehrez, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Arabic Literature, Department of Arabic Studies, American University in Cairo*; Samia Saleh, Technical Editor/Consultant, Manassas, VA; Samih Farsoun, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology, American University*, Washington, DC; Samiha Saleh, Free Palestine Alliance, Sacramento, California; Samir Miari, Ph.D., Associate Vice President, Institutional Research & Academic Evaluation, Chicago State University*; Samira Kayumi, New York; Samirah Alkassim, MFA, Professor of Film, American University in Cairo, Egypt; Samy Sharaf, Former Minister of Presidential Affairs*, Cairo, Egypt; Sandra Paganini, Teacher, Rome; Sandra Shatilla; Sandy Brown, Executive Assistant, Sacramento, CA; Sandy Rose, Stow, Ohio; Sara Flounders, Co-Director, International Action Center, New York; Sara Nett, Student/activist, Minnesota State University, Mankato; Sara Parks Ricker, Graduate Student in Religious Studies*, McGill University, Montreal, Canada; Sara Powell, Washington Report on Middle East Affairs*, Annandale VA; Sarah Briggs; Sarah Hassanen, Sydney, Australia; Sarah Levine, International Socialist Organization, San Francisco State University; Sarah Rath, Artist/Activist, CodePink Steering Committee*, Los Angeles Chapter; Sarah Standefer, activist, MN; Sarra Bou Ali; Sawsan Barghouti; Sawsan S. Kayyali, Pharmacist, Jordan; Sayd Zubair Farook, Business/Law student, Sydney Australia; Scott Nass, MPA, Cincinnati, Ohio; Scott Snow, CCSP, Washington D.C.; Senan Kheirie, American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee* (San Francisco), Free Palestine Alliance, San Francisco; Shafic M. Budron, Ph.D., ADC- Chicago; Shamim Bodhanya, Durban, South Africa; Shannon Audrey Dow, B.A., Researcher, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia; Shannon Hughes, Point Arena , California; Sharene Jaber; Chalmette, Louisiana; Sharif Hikmat Nashashibi, Director, Arab Media Watch, London, UK; Sharon Obeidallah, M.A., University of Illinois-Chicago*; Shauki Elassaad, Los Altos, CA; Shereen Newash, Grosse Pointe, Michigan; Shereen Usdin, MD, South Africa; Sherin Ibrahim, Stony Brook University Student, New York; Sherna Berger Gluck, Ph.D., California State University*, Long Beach; Shouki Kassis, Ph.D., Board member, American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee*, Greater Philadelphia Chapter, Pennsylvania; Shu Tang, Labor Rights Association*, Secretary of International Affairs, China Taiwan; Siân Long, Pretoria, South Africa; Sidney Ruth Schuler, PhD, Director, Empowerment of Women Research Program*, AED Center for Applied Behavioral and Evaluation Research (CABER)*, Washington DC; Siglinda Scarpa, Sculptor – teacher, Pittsboro, NC – USA; Siham Alfred, Housewife, NJ; Simine Tepper, retired software engineer, Boulder, Colorado; Skip Schiel, Cambridge MA; Snehal Shingavi, International Socialist Organization, Students for Justice in Palestine, PhD candidate, English, UC Berkeley, California; SOAS Palestine Society, Students’ Union, School of Oriental and African Studies, London, UK; Sofia Yiannikas, Law Student, University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia; Soheir Morsy, Ph.D., Cairo, Egypt; Sondra Hale, Ph.D., Professor, Anthropology and Women’s Studies*, University of California*, Los Angeles; Souad Dajani, Ph.D., Writer and Academic; Souheil ali Kanafani San Diego California, Free Palestine Alliance; Stanley Heller, Chairperson, Middle East Crisis Committee*, New Haven, CT USA; Stefan Christoff, International Solidarity Movement, Montreal; Stephen F. Sherrill, Santa Barbara Veterans for Peace, Santa Barbara, CA; Steve Quester, Brooklyn, NY; Steven Harvey, Manchester, NH; Stig Sargent, Victoria B.C., Canada; Stoney Bird, Mount Vernon, WA; Stuart Lawrence, J.D. Candidate, Cornell Law School*, Ithaca, New York; Students for Justice in Palestine, University of Illinois*, Chicago; Students for Social Justice – Chicago; Suad Joseph, Ph.D., Professor, University of California, Davis*; Subhi Ali, MD, FACS, Waverly, TN; Sue Goldstein, Toronto, Canada, Jewish Women’s Committee to End the Occupation*; Sue Harris, Ph.D., Peoples Video Network, New York City; Sue Sandlin, activist, ISO Mission Branch, San Francisco, CA; Sungur Savran, Writer & activist, Istanbul, Turkey; Sunil K. Sharma, Editor, Dissident Voice newsletter, Santa Rosa, California; Susan Taylor, Peace Movement*, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom*, Amnesty International*, and Labour Party*, Christchurch, New Zealand; Susanne Shaw, Port Alice, B.C., Canada; Sylvia Shihadeh, Austin, Texas; Taj Mohammed, Electrical Engineer, Bloomington, Illinois; Talal Mahmoud Steele, Tucson, Arizona; Tara Sweeney, Jersey City, NJ; Ted Dreier, Ph.D., Teacher, Portland, OR; Ted McTaggart, Michigan, USA; Terance Cantrell, Counselor/Teacher/Writer, Sacramento, CA, USA; Teresa Al-Saraji, Erie, MI; Teresa Seiler; Terese Svoboda; Thaer Douri, M.D., Physician and writer; Theresa El-Amin, Southern Anti-Racism Network, Durham NC, USA; Thomas Abowd, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Anthropology, Wayne State University*, Detroit, Michigan; Thomas Hubbard, Everett, WA; Thomas M. Ricks, Ph.D., Department of History, University of Pennsylvania*, Philadelphia, PA; Thomas Parsons, Dripping Springs, Texas; Tikva Honig-Parnass, Between The Lines, Co editor, Jerusalem; Tim Morris, trade unionist, Toronto, Canada; Timothy Dicks, IT Professional; Timothy Johnston, Marina, California; Todd Chretien, International Socialist Organization, Oakland, CA; Tom Hayes, Columbus, Ohio; Tom Sager; Toni Paris, Bay View, WI; Tony Sayegh, Ph.D., Structural Engineer, Los Angeles, California; Tracey A. Schilling, Regular Everyday Activist, Port Angeles, WA USA ; Tri-Taylor Neighbors for Peace and Justice – Chicago; Udai F. AL-Aboudi, MIEE, United Kingdom; Uraib Aboudi, Jerusalem, Palestine; Uri Strauss, Western Massachusetts Palestine Action Coalition, Northampton, MA, USA; Uri Weltmann, Student, Technion, Haifa;  Urs Diethelm, Bauführer SBA, Basel, Switzerland; Valerie Cochran, Kalamazoo, MI; Vivian Bingham, Dover NH, USA; W. Leslie Pugh; Wael Al Buhaissy, San Francisco, CA; Wail Malaty (Dr.), Hendersonville, NC; Walid Husseini; Weal Souheil Kanafani, Palestinian Right of Return, San Diego, CA; Will Martin, Huntington-Surrey high school for Peace and Justice, Austin, Texas; William A. Rogers, Ph.D., Mechanicsburg PA, Former Prof./Dept. Chair of Physics, KFUPM, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia; William G. Ricciardi, Sebastopol, CA; William R. Woodward, Ph.D., Department of Psychology, University of New Hampshire, Durham, N.H.; William Youmans, activist and writer; Wren Osborn, Retired probation officer, El Cajon, California; Wythe Holt, University of Alabama*; Xavienne M. Gutierrez; Yacoub Khoury, Riverside , CA; Yama Kayumi, New York; Yasmena Samahy, Houston, TX; Yasmin Alani, Portsmouth, NH; Yasser Akawi, Social and Political Forum, Alternative Information Center (AIC); Yi Lin, Walnut, CA; Yoram Bar-Haim, Haraket Abnaa Elbalad, Haifa, Palestine; Yoav Bar, computer programmer, Haifa, Palestine; Younis Jazara, Chicago, IL; Yousef Abudayyeh, Co-Chair Middle East Cultural and Information Center*, Free Palestine Alliance, San Diego, California; Yousef Yassir, Spain; Z. K. Thiessen, Canadian Muslims for Peace and Justice, Winnipeg, Manitoba; Zafarul-Islam Khan, PhD, Editor, The Milli Gazette Newspaper*, New Delhi, India; Zahi Damuni, Ph.D., Palestine Right of Return Congress, Co-Founder, Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition, San Diego, California; Zaid Khalil, New York, NY; Zaithoon Maziya, Durban, South Africa; Zeina Zaatari, Ph.D., University of California, Davis*; Ziad Abu Awad, Bahrain; Ziad Deeb, M.D., Washington, D.C.; Ziad Hafez, Ph.D., Economist, Washington, D.C.; Ziad Souheil Kanafani, Palestinian Right of Return, San Diego, CA; Zoe Gordon, B.A., Politics Department, University of Adelaide*, Adelaide, South Australia; Zuhair Sabbagh, Ph.D., Coordinator of the MA Program in Sociology, Sociology and Anthropology, Birzeit University*, West Bank, Palestine.

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