Al-Awda Refugee Educational Fund

The Al-Awda Refugee Educational Fund is a program that honors Palestinian strugglers and popular intellectuals. It aims to support needy Palestinian students living in the Palestinian camps or non-registered Palestinian gatherings in exile and diaspora, as education is a key enabling component that will contribute to the empowering of the youth who will be leading soon the struggle for a Free Palestine.

Al-Awda Refugee Educational Fund

Good education is not always available to the needy Palestinian refugees living in Lebanon. In its first year of work, the Refugee Education Fund is covering four students with tuition of up to $4,000. The economic crisis in Lebanon is making it even more challenging for needy students, emphasizing the need for the fund. We offer financial aid to students enrolled in some private universities, such as Lebanese International University (LIU), Beirut Arab University (BAU), Jinan University American University of Technology (AUT), American University of Science and Technology (AUST) and others. They are all accredited.

Student Eligibility

Our general eligibility requirements are that the student should be a Palestinian refugee enrolled in an eligible degree or certificate program at one of the universities mentioned above. The student’s transcripts should show academic excellence. We will try to assist students from one of the 12 refugee camps across Lebanon and in the non-registered Palestinian gatherings across Lebanon which do not benefit from UNRWA services. We will strive to select nominees from lowest income families, based on equal opportunity irrespective of their gender, race, geographic origin (as long as they are originally Palestinians), disability, sexual orientation and religion, avoiding unfair discrimination.

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