Palestine/U.S. Labor Solidarity Quiz


1) The AFL-CIO and its affiliate unions have how many dollars invested in Israel Bonds?

a. 500 million
b. over 5 billion
c. 2.5 billion
d. 1 billion
e. Less than 50 million

2) ISM member Rachel Corrie was also a member of what AFL-CIO Union before she went to Palestine?

b. AFT
e. UAW

3) What actions by the Israeli military and government have the top leadership of the AFL-CIO publicly condemned?

a. The unprovoked bombing of the Palestine General Federation of Trade Unions (PGFTU) HQ in Nablus on the West Bank in April, 2002 by the Israeli military.
b. The uprooting of 1,167,913 olive and fruit trees, the main livelihood for most agricultural workers and families living in the West Bank and Gaza.
c. The killing of 3,747 Palestinians (819 of them children), between Sept. 28, 2000 and Oct. 4, 2004 by the Israeli military using American made and paid for equipment.
d. The killing of Rachel Corrie by an Israeli soldier driving an American made D-9 Caterpillar bulldozer while she was trying to protect the home of a physician from demolition in Gaza.
e. None of the above.

4) Palestinian workers in Israel have 25% of their wages deducted by the Israeli Union Histadrut each paycheck. This 25% covers:

a. health care coverage
b. unemployment insurance
c. childcare tuition and educational vouchers for members’ children
d. retirement annuities
e. no discernable benefits


1) Regardless of ethical questions, Israeli Bonds are considered an excellent financial investment by Standard and Poors’ and other financial investment firms.

2) Jewish groups in Israel and the U.S. , Union or otherwise, are solidly behind Israeli government policies regarding occupation, the Separation Wall, settlements, refugees etc. It is anti-Semitic for U.S. workers to question or criticize AFL-CIO and U.S policies toward Israel.



1) b. over 5 billion
2) d. SEIU 1199 NW
3) e. none of the above
4) e. no discernable benefits


1) FALSE: Israeli bonds have a lower yield than U.S. treasury bonds and other bonds, cannot be easily converted into cash, and are considered a poor investment. The AFL-CIO loses money investing in Israeli bonds more than if they invested in US Treasury bonds or similar annuities.

2) FALSE: Many Jews in Israel , Europe , the U.S. and the Americas strongly object to the dispossession of Palestinians, the occupation of the West Bank, the Segregation Wall and/or the Zionist policies of Israeli governments. For more info: type Jews for a free Palestine to your search engine.

This quiz was adapted from material distributed at the 2004 Million Worker March by Labor for Palestine. The facts for the quiz were gathered by members of the Northern California International Solidarity Movement.

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