Al-Rowwad performance in New York City, June 22, 2005

On June 22, 2005, Al-Awda New York presented Al-Rowwad Palestinian Children’s Theater in New York as part of their U.S. tour.

Headquartered in Aida Refugee Camp, Al-Rowwad Children’s Theater is a unique project that supports and emphasizes the creativity of Palestinian refugee youth. Al-Rowwad Center is a home for the cultural, artistic and theatrical training of children and youth, housing a computer center, a debke program, a children’s theater program, an art program, and much more.

Lauded in “American Theater” magazine, and visited by some of the U.S.’s leading playwrights, Al-Rowwad is an inspiring home of children’s creativity and expression amid war and occupation, and an illustration of the resourcefulness of the refugee youth who continue to struggle for return and liberation, across generations.

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