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Mission of Fourth International Al-Awda Convention in San Francisco

Mission of Fourth International Al-Awda Convention in San Francisco

The fourth international Al-Awda convention planned for July 14-16, 2006 in San Francisco will focus on extending and developing new strategic directions with Palestinian community members and grassroots activists living in exile. It will evaluate the current status of the right-to-return movement, the objective realities pressuring this movement, as well as the Palestine liberation and solidarity movements as a whole. The convention will also evaluate successes and setbacks and conduct workshops to extend and develop new strategic vision and direction as needed. The convention will be a working, highly interactive meeting, resulting in mechanisms, where resolutions translate into organizational formulations executing plans of action.

The proposed format:

  1. Political assessment and identification ofpriorities in light of the escalating situation
  2. Assessment of Zionist and US imperialist plans
  3. Assessment of the status of the PLO, the so-called Palestinian Autonomy, and the ROR campaign, with emphasis on the unitary identity of the Palestinian people
  4. Assessment of the solidarity movement. Specifically, its stand on the ROR
  5. Develop and extend plans for outreach to the Palestinian community and the adoption of ROR as a central form of organizing in all related activism including but not limited to the media, congress, prisoner, and cultural awareness campaigns.
  6. Develop a “Divestment from ‘Israel’ campaign” focused on the implementation of the ROR
  7. Develop and extend the Palestinian Refugee Aid and Support programs
  8. Milestones in recruitment, divestment, refugee support and related ROR activism, and organizational infrastructure over the next year
  9. Next conference.
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