Important Al-Awda West Coast Regional Conference

Important Al-Awda West Coast Regional Conference
Saturday December 2, 2006, Riverside, California
10:30 am – 5:30 pm

After almost 60 years, the Palestinian people’s struggle to regain their inalienable right to return and live on their lands and in their homes in Palestine has reached a new critical stage as evidenced by the escalation of the ongoing Israeli siege and aggression against the people in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Since the Bush administration seems to be taking an even more active, direct and public role on the side of the Zionists, the struggle at home and in the US for the Palestinian Right to Return can come together in profound new ways which we must strategize and organize. We are working to implement the concrete directions of Al-Awda’s Fourth Annual International Convention which took place this past summer in San Francisco. We call on all activists for the return to come together to support and develop this important work.

As part of the activities set to coincide with the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people, Al-Awda Riverside, Al-Awda San Diego and Al-Awda Los Angeles/Orange County will be hosting a one-day regional mini-conference for activists in the Right to Return Movement for Palestinian refugees.

The objectives of the upcoming conference are to develop:

1. A regional divestment for the return campaign
2. A regional refugee support campaign
3. Preparations for Al-Awda’s Fifth Annual International Convention


Al-Awda’s Fourth Annual International Convention in San Francisco centered on two main campaign themes, viz., Divestment for the Return and Refugee Support. The convention resolved to develop these campaigns wherever possible at the local, regional and national levels.

In order to develop these campaigns among the network of chapters and action committees on the West Coast, it is vital that activists meet, plan and strategize to insure successful coordinated efforts.

The mini-conference will take place on Saturday December 2, 2006 at La Sierra Branch Library, 4600 La Sierra Ave, Riverside, California, 92505. The conference will begin at 10:30 am and end at 5:30 pm. The conference is important, and represents the second regional meeting for the Right to Return Movement on the West Coast.


We are inviting Palestinian, Arab and other community members, grassroots activists, students, solidarity organizational representatives and supporters to attend and share their thoughts, as to how we may better develop and coordinate these two campaigns. In addition, we intend to initiate the discussions in preparation for Al-Awda’s Fifth Annual International Convention.

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