Day: August 8, 2010

Cultural Events & Gatherings

4th Annual Palestine Picnic Day – Long Beach CA, August 8, 2010

Barbeque Kebab and more.Soccer, Volleyball, Games and Prizes for the Kids, Live Oud, Dabke Music by Abdul Wahab Abu-Shaweesh, King of Eastern Tone, DJ & Others. Large Palestine murals painted by the children of Gaza will be on display at the Palestine Picnic Day this Sunday in Long Beach. In addition, children*, youth and families will be invited to contribute to the painting of a large Palestine mural. The materials will be donated by, and direction provided by, the Art Miles Mural Project ( ). The organizers plan to display the mural from this Sunday’s Southern California Palestine Picnic Day at the “Exhibition of the Century – MURAMID” which will take place in Egypt this fall. The MURAMID will include 12 MILES OF MURALS from all over the world!