Al-Awda Houston Elects New Chapter Board

Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition is proud and pleased to report on the successful completion of the first Al-Awda Houston chapter board elections which took place on September 25, 2010. The meeting was attended by twenty seven individuals from Houston and the following members were elected as indicated:

Mr. Hanna Khalil, Chair
Mr. Ahmad Jubran, Vice Chair
Mr. Mamoun Omran, Treasurer
Dr. Abdallah Ahmad Omran, Secretary
Mr. Mohammed Salhoot, Board Member at large
Mr. Muhannad Shabib, Board Member at large
Mr. Nihad Foteh, Board Member at large

The proceedings began with a statement from Mr. Hanna Khalil about the purpose of the meeting after the unexpected death by murder of Al-Awda Houston chapter founder Abu Obeidah Omran on August 13, 2010. Mr. Mohammed Salhout then spoke about the importance of organizing and advocating for the Palestinian right to return to their homes and lands of origin. Dr. Zahi Damuni, who attended the meeting as a representative of the national coordinating committee, summarized some of Al-Awda’s work and goals over the past ten years paying particular tribute to the accomplishments of Al-Awda Houston under the leadership of the late Abu Obeida Omran. Dr. Damuni concluded his presentation as he started it by stating “there is no greater tribute to Abu Obeida than to continue the work he started“. Dr. Abdullah Ahmad Omran, oldest brother of the late Abu Obeida, then spoke emotionally about the importance of joining Al-Awda emphasizing its tremendous contribution to peace and justice for humanity.

Membership application forms were then passed and 26 individuals joined by paying their yearly membership dues. The election was then called and the results were announced as these were completed.

The national coordinating committee of Al-Awda thanks all the members of the Houston community who took part in this important meeting and extends its best wishes to the newly elected board of Al-Awda Houston for success in its work as it meets the continuing challenges ahead as part of our organization.

Until Return,

Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition

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