Statement Issued by the Global Coalition for the Palestinian Right of Return

For Immediate Release

Statement Issued by the Global Coalition for the Palestinian Right of Return

The People want an end to (their refugee status) … The People want to return

Oh heroic masses in historic Palestine and in exile,

The marches of return on May 15 this year proved to everyone, that the people of Palestine, in all positions are one and unified, and that the longevity of exile has not weakened their resolve to return to their original homes. What happened on this day in Maroun al-Ras, Majdal Shams, and Karameh, as well as in historic Palestine, and the various capitals of the world, confirmed the absurdity of negotiations which are nothing more than an American public relations stunt. They have also proven the danger of dependence on Western countries, and that peace with the Israeli state of colonialism, racial discrimination and occupation is a sham. The people’s march yesterday proved the futility of bypassing the people’s will, and it proved that our people have the capacity, and willingness to sacrifice for the achievement of the right of return, self-determination, and to build a free and democratic Palestine.

Oh struggling masses, as we salute and pay tribute to the martyrs, wounded and prisoners of the march of return to Palestine, we emphasize the following:

First: The Nakba is not simply a day when we commemorate a memory once a year, rather it is ongoing, hence the events and marches of return will last as long as the Nakba continues, and until we bring about a return to our original homes.

Second: The people’s preparedness for sacrifice necessitates a higher level of preparation, organization and action on the part of all political forces, national institutions and Palestinian civilian, to upgrade work aimed at securing the cumulative results of asserting our national inalienable rights, foremost among them, the right of return and national self-determination;

Third: Betting on recognition by the United Nations of a Palestinian state based on the 67 borders without coupling it with a guarantee of the right of immediate return of the refugees to their original homes, merely paves the way for a new futile round of international and diplomatic deliberations which do not address the root of the conflict, and give the international community a new opportunity or rather excuse to shirk its responsibilities towards the rights of our people.

Fourth: The need to re-evaluate the trajectory of our resistance, building a national unified program, building the institutions of the PLO on the basis of democracy, ensuring the election of a national council representing all of our people in all positions which in turn can elect a Palestinian leadership that is qualified to carry out the responsibilities of this stage; this has become an urgent necessity that cannot be delayed.

Glory and eternity to our faithful martyrs throughout the history of Arab-Zionist conflict.

We shall return
May 16, May 2011

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