Clarification on Upcoming “Support Palestine, Protest AIPAC” Rally in DC 2017

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Title: Clarification on Upcoming “Support Palestine, Protest AIPAC” Rally in Washington, DC

Al-Awda The Palestine Right To Return Coalition- commends the organizers of the upcoming rally and march, scheduled to take place on March 26, 2017, in Washington, DC under the name of “Support Palestine, Protest AIPAC”. However, we would like to make clear that due to extenuating circumstances, Al-Awda National has no involvement or affiliation with the planning of this event. Thus, any organizing, fundraising or media efforts for the rally have no relation or affiliation with Al-Alwda (PRRC). Official fundraising efforts and announcements are done through Al-Awda’s website –, unless otherwise noted on the website itself. Please note that Al-Awda – National, has been in the process of making all possible efforts to remove our name and image from all organizing, promoting, and fundraising efforts for the upcoming rally, and are continuing to do so at the time of the publication of this letter.

We are always reachable at for any questions or comments. Wishing all the best!

Al-Awda – The Palestine Right to Return Coalition, National

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