Take Action for Jerusalem, the eternal Palestinian capital!

Al Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition: We denounce in the strongest possible terms Donald Trump’s statement that Jerusalem is the eternal capital of “Israel “. According to international law ‘Israel’ is an illegal occupying power and the international community, including the US, officially regards East Jerusalem as occupied territory.

The decision of moving the embassy is far from being a symbolic move, but carte blanche to complete the Israeli takeover of the city, including its holy sites, and complete the ethnic cleansing of Palestinian Muslims and Christians.(Ramzy Baroud)

Take Action for Jerusalem, the eternal Palestinian capital!

You have a voice and your and your voice needs to be heard today! Call and email now. Do not postpone this critical call. Join protests and demonstrations across the country! Nor Trump or any other US president may declare Arab Palestinian Jerusalem as a capital or any thing other than it is: colonial occupation.
Join our voice in not recognizing the illegal move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem! Such a declaration is an act of war against the occupied people of Palestine, the Arab world, and against every Muslim in the world. Call now and demand the Trump administration denounce such a declaration. Call now and demand the removal of illegal settlement solicitor and contributor, Jared Kushner as a fair ‘broker’ of Middle East peace.


Until Return!

Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition

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