Save The Date For Our 13th Annual Conference

Save The Date For Our 13th Annual Conference
“They try to bury us but they don’t know we are seeds.”

Palestinian roots have never been more resilient. Rejuvenated in dynamism, creativity, and humanity, the Free Palestine movement has proven that our will to self-determination cannot be broken. The collective efforts and collaborative strength of Palestinian organizations and their allies have generated unprecedented progress for our cause. The tide is turning in the eyes of the American public. Palestinian voices are not only being heard but listened to and supported. What can we do to accelerate this momentum?

Join us at Al Awda’s 13th annual Conference as we mark 70 years of ongoing dispossession and resistance to injustice. Come meet and learn from Palestine’s diverse activists and supporters, and participate in lively, thought-provoking discussions on mapping our eventual and inalienable return to Palestine.


Meet Famed Political Cartoonist Carlos Latuff

Carlos was born in Brazil and is of Lebanese descent. His political cartoons on Palestine and the world can speak a thousand words literally and theoretically. His work has appeared in many major publications and has infuriated Zionist groups as to the accuracy of its message.

Meet Fashion Designer and Cultural Icon, Hama Hinnawi

Hama’s love for Palestine can be seen in the incredibly intricate designs in her fashion lines. Every article of clothing carries with it a representation of thousands of years of our beautiful history.

Want to Model Hama’s Latest Designs?

We need models for Hama’s first ever fashion show in the US. It will be conducted at our 13th Annual Conference. If you are interested, please reply to this email.

Want to Sponsor Our Conference?
We are looking for great members of our community to sponsor our upcoming conference. Don’t miss the opportunity to advertise your organization and business to our guests from all over the nation.
Donation of frequent miles and points are greatly appreciated and it is tax deductible.
Bazaar booths for non-profit organizations and retailers are available.
For more information, please email us at or call 805-390-6480.


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