March 23, Los Angeles: Breaking the Chains – Women’s Socialism Conference

Saturday, March 23
10 am – 4 pm
2936 W. 8th St
Los Angeles, CA

The Trump administration and the ruling class continue to mercilessly wage attack after attack against women and our communities. From the millions of immigrant & refugee women facing violence at the borders, deportation and separation from their families, to the continuing struggle in Palestine for liberation, to the fight to end sexual violence, for equal pay, for queer and trans liberation, for maternity leave, for the right to abortion and control over our bodies, and for healthcare — women have always fought back! We see these same struggles throughout the world as increased war funding rises and U.S. imperialism contributes to the destruction of women’s rights around the world along with their lands and resources. All of these struggles are feminist issues, whether they happen here at home or in other countries.

While the two party system continues to implode on itself, no tangible solutions to these pressing issues have been presented or attained by either the Republicans or the Democrats.
The oppression of women cannot be liberated under the current system, and especially not by the democrats, because we understand that the oppression of women is inextricably tied to the function of capitalism: Capitalism profits off of our suffering: by underpaying us, by dehumanizing us, by forcing us to work a second shift without any pay or support, and more. The only real solution is a new system, one that is created by the people, for the people; a system that will take the wealth created by the people to truly provide for the needs of women and working people.

Join us for a Women’s Conference to discuss the alternative to the destructive capitalist system—Socialism.

We will have a series of workshops and panels to discuss burning questions facing women, our communities and the movement in the era of Trump and beyond. We will engage in practical discussions about building a people’s party and the fight for socialism to guarantee real equality for women and everyone’s right to a job, housing, healthcare, education, and a sustainable and secure environment.

Childcare will be available.

Register to attend here:

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