Al-Awda remembers Nader Abuljebain, Palestinian struggler

Al-Awda, the Palestine Right to Return Coalition, salutes and mourns Nader Abuljebain upon his passing in California on 11 August 2019.

Nader Abuljebain, a Palestinian engineer, writer and activist born in exile in Kuwait in 1950 to parents from occupied Yaffa, struggled all his life for the right to return to Palestine. He was one of the most active organizers with Al-Awda PRRC in the early days of the movement and inspired many activists across generations.

He could always be found at every rally, action and gathering for the liberation of Palestine and the Arab world, from speaking at many Al-Awda conventions to anti-war demonstrations against the US war on Iraq. He was known to sign all of his emails with the confident conclusion: “hatta al-awda – until Return.”

His contributions may be found in his book, “Palestinian History in Postage Stamps,” which presented an Arab Palestinian anti-colonial history through the postage stamps issued by Palestinians, Arabs and those in solidarity with the liberation movement.

On this sad occasion, we honor his long years of contribution to the Palestinian struggle for return and liberation and to building Palestinian community organizing in the U.S. and internationally throughout his life. As always, we pledge to continue the struggle to which he dedicated his life until all Palestinian refugees return home to our liberated homeland.

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