January 20, NYC: Emergency rally to defend al-Naqab

Thursday, January 20
4 pm
Zionist National Fund Office
42 E 69th St, NYC
More info: https://www.instagram.com/p/CY5FVh5riPW/

Join Al-Awda NY on Thursday, January 20th to answer the call from Palestine to defend Sheikh Jarrah, Al-Naqab, and all of Palestine!

Just recently, in Sheikh Jarrah, the occupation demolished the home belonging to the Salhiyeh family. The IOF stormed their home while the family was asleep and arrested many of its members. They attacked and beat the family, including children & elders.

Zionist colonizing forces ethnically cleansed the Salhiyeh family! This isn’t the first time, as they were ethnically cleansed from their village, Ein Karem in 1948. 74yrs later the Salhiyeh family is still reeling from zionist violence, genocide, & colonization.

This escalated era of incremental genocide is being faced by Palestinians across Palestine- not just in Sheikh Jarrah. In Al-Naqab, indigenous Bedouin Palestinians are facing the same threat as occupation forces & JNF (zionist National Fund) ethnically cleanse the Palestinians of Al-Naqab to build illegal zionist settlements over their homes. The zionist entity & the JNF are greenwashing the genocide of Palestinians while at the same time destroying the environment by uprooting trees, producing obscene amounts of waste, & engaging in gross consumption and waste of water.

We join the call to
1. Mobilize in support of Al-Naqab, Sheikh Jarrah,& all of Palestine;
2. Demand State and Federal Authorities shut down genocide & racism by shutting down the JNF & all zionist settler organizations;
3. Boycott and Sanction “israel”, zionist war crimes & settler organizations in the US and globally until the dismantlement of the zionist colonization project;
4. Provide Palestinians with all supplies needed to defend against & preempt zionist violence!

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