Southern California: Join Al-Awda for a WEEKEND of Rage & Resistance as we commemorate 74 years of ongoing Nakba

Al-Awda PRRC joins with Palestinians everywhere in outrage and mourning at the Israeli assassination of beloved Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Aqleh. As she wore her press vest and helmet, she was shot in the head by occupation forces invading Jenin, while her colleague Ali al-Samoudi was shot in the back. She is the latest of over 50 Palestinian journalists murdered by the Israeli occupation since 2000. Help contribute to remembering Shireen by contributing to her memorial fund at

As our outrage at this latest crime moves us to action, please join us and our partners this weekend in Los Angeles and Orange County for three important events and a weekend of commemoration and struggle for #Nakba74.

Together with ANSWER Coalition and American Muslims for Palestine, we will host investigative journalist David Sheen for explosive revelations from his investigations digging into the Kahanist takeover of the Democratic Party and the assassination of community leader Alex Odeh. The Saturday event in Los Angeles (check out the details in the posters below and on the Facebook event page!) will focus on Kahanist influence in U.S. politics, while the Sunday afternoon event in Anaheim will focus on the assassination of Odeh and the ongoing denial of justice in that case. Helena, the daughter of Alex Odeh, will join us for this Sunday event.

And, of course, on Sunday, May 15, at 11 am, join us and our many community partners in Los Angeles for the #Nakba74 march and rally. Let’s bring a big crowd to make our call clear: Return and liberation in Palestine, from the river to the sea!

Join us for a weekend of struggle, education and solidarity for Palestine in Southern California. Here are the details of the three events:

  • Saturday, May 14 — David Sheen’s “Kahanistan: How the Jewish Far Right Remade the Mainstream and Infiltrated the Democratic Party”. 1 pm, 2936 W. 8th St, Los Angeles. Doors open at 12:30 pm, and refreshments will be provided. Facebook:
  • Sunday, May 15 – Protest for #Nakba74. Gather at 11 am at the Federal Building, 11000 Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles.
  • Sunday, May 15 – David Sheen’s “El-Nakam Bombers” — an explosive report on the assassination of Alex Odeh. 4 pm, 907 S. Beach Boulevard, Anaheim. Doors open at 3:30 pm and refreshments will be provided. Facebook:

We also want to ask for your support. We are bringing David Sheen to Southern California to highlight this important research and organizing for multiple future events. Even if you are not able to attend, you can contribute to the success of these events and the ongoing work of Al-Awda PRRC by making a donation. Thank you for your generous support!

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