Al Falasteniyeh Media Network: News “from the river to the sea to the world”

Under the slogan, “From the river to the sea to the world,” Al Falasteniyeh is an independent English and Arabic language media network with in-country Palestinian journalists collaborating with staff around the globe to produce creative and journalistic content guided by our values.

Al Falasteniyeh works to inform the world of the vast plurality of the Palestinian and Arab people, share the richness of their history, and highlight the present realities of their resistance and struggle for freedom.

Al Falasteniyeh’s website, with more stories and updates, is available at The media network is also launching a campaign to fund the opening of an office in Gaza, providing sustainable support for Palestinian journalists while presenting live from Palestine to the world.

Al Falasteniyeh Media Network has released a new series, “The Weekly Palestine.” Hosted by Rumzi Farooqi, the video provides a weekly update on the Palestinian struggle, resistance and the prisoners’ movement, among other news.  Check out the first episode here:


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