Al-Awda NY: Rebuild and Support Huwarra!

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Funds will go to help families in Huwarra recover from the injuries they suffered to their lands, properties, and health as a result of the zionist settler and army pogrom against Huwarra, starting on Feb 26, 2023, and the zionist attacks on the town thereafter. Though the town has been under constant attack, this latest pogrom left over 75 homes and hundreds of cars burned. Zionist colonizers also looted businesses in Huwarra, as they were given free reign over the town, while the zionist army imposed an order of 24 hour home confinement “curfew” on the Palestinian townspeople.

Huwarra is sandwiched between the 2 largest zionist colonies, and sits near the most violent zionist colony of “Yitzhar”. Huwarra is further suffocated by two major zionist torture “checkpoints” where Palestinians are routinely murdered. In between these two main “checkpoints” the zionist entity has maintained an unofficial “flying” checkpoint which has been manned for more than 75% of the time since 1967.

Click here to donate to the Al-Awda NY Campaign.

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