March 10, San Francisco: Bay Area Emergency Rally for Palestine

All Out for Palestine
Next Friday 3/10 , 4-6pm
456 Montgomery St, SF

This week Zionist settler mobs protected by Israeli Occupation Forces stormed the occupied village of Huwara, surrounded it and attempted to burn it to the ground. Israeli human rights group @btselem and others have called the settler attacks a “pogrom. Pogrom is a Russian word meaning “to wreak havoc” and typically describes the violence by Russians against Jewish people, particularly officially-mandated slaughter.
Many are blaming the new Israeli government as the cause of the unimaginable violence Palestinians, but the origin of these atrocities is not the Israeli government but Zionism. This isn’t a “loss of control” this is exactly what Israeli control looks like. The settlers carry out the attack, the military secures it, the politicians back it. It’s a synergy.
#HandsOffHuwara #HandsOffPalestine #HuwaraResists #FreePalestine #SF #BayArea 
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