We’re Over Halfway There! Help Us Support Palestinian Refugees Affected by Turkey Earthquake

We share our deep thanks to all who have donated so far to support our campaign for 140 Palestinian refugee families struggling to survive after the earthquake disaster in the Turkish city of Kilis.

We have good news to share! First, we’re over halfway to reaching our goal of $20,000. As of today, we’ve received donations of $10,850! With your support, we can reach our urgent goal of $20,000 to provide sustainable support to around 900 people, over half of whom are children.

We have even more good news! A very generous donor in Southern California was so dedicated to this project that he advanced the funds needed to execute the project via the American Relief Fund. Each of the 140 families were given the money to cover the cost of the baskets that was prepared by the ‘Aidoun team, in addition to the three collective iftars provided by Al-Awda PRRC.

However, we still need to raise the funds that were advanced for these food baskets, as well as to cover other needs on the ground. Your contribution can help us take this campaign over the top.

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Please consider making a donation today to help us meet the goal and support our people now, as they continue to struggle to return home to Palestine.

Hear their thanks and help support their continued needs:

“On behalf of the 140 families and the ‘Aidoun team in Kilis, we thank the Al-Awda PRRC organization for organizing this relief campaign and offering three iftars during these blessed days of Ramadan. We also want to thank American Relief Fund for helping expedite the process by advancing $14K that was divided among the 140 families on the 1st of April, 2023.”

Donations to this campaign are zakat-eligible.

All donations to this campaign are tax deductible. Your contributions are handled by Al-Awda, the Palestine Right to Return Coalition (PRRC), a U.S.-based, registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

These families, originally from Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria, receive very little support or aid as there are very few Palestinian organizations on the ground to help them, while the majority of aid goes to Turkish and Syrian victims. UNRWA does not provide services to them as refugees anymore because they live outside of its geographical jurisdiction.

While the major earthquake is over, the area still experiences tremors and aftershocks almost on a daily basis. Help us support these Palestinian families in urgent need this Ramadan by raising $20,000.


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