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Dabke Performance and Palestine Exhibition at Al-Awda’s Palestine Picnic Day!

Dabke at the Palestine Picnic Day!

Join Al-Awda Palestine Right to Return Coalition and our community for the 14th Annual PALESTINE PICNIC DAY!!

When: 11am-7pm, Sunday the 17th of September, 2023
Where: El Dorado East Regional Park – Golden Grove
7550 East Spring St Long Beach, CA 90815


Al-Awda’s Palestine Picnic Day is a day of both fun and education. Celebrate our culture and embrace a legacy of resilience and resistance!

We’re thrilled to host the Jafra Dabke Group and the Mawtini Choir Dabke Troupes…

Jafra Dabke Group was started in early 2023 by the Palestinian American Women’s Association to create a space for Palestinian women in Southern California to express their cultural and political identities as a form of struggle for their homeland.

The name Jafra was chosen to express their love for Palestine through preserving its traditions. Jafra Dabke group is named after the Palestinian folktale of the heroic feday’a named Jafra who represented the Palestinian woman’s presence in the revolution.

Despite the distance or separation they face, Jafra is a reminder of the Palestinian woman’s role in the right of return, and the role of women in the struggle for their homeland, Palestine.

We’ll also be hosting both age groups of the Mawtini Choir! The Al-Awda Palestine Picnic Day will feature the Mawtini Choir Youth Dabke Troupe (older), and Mawtini Choir Farasha Troupe (younger). Join us for very special performances by the youth of our community!

Palestine Exhibition at the Palestine Picnic Day

Photo above from the PYM Exhibition at the Houston Palestine Festival.

At this year’s Palestine Picnic Day, Al-Awda PRRC will be showcasing an exhibit created by the Palestinian Youth Movement that highlights key facets of Palestinian history, culture, and our peoples’ unyielding resistance. The educational panels delve into the history of Zionist settler colonialism and forced displacement, challenges confronting Palestinians today, strategies of Palestinian resistance and resilience, and iconic symbols of Palestinian heritage.

The exhibit will include a commemoration of the Sabra and Shatila massacre that honors our martyrs and the experiences of Palestinians within refugee camps. There will be displays of Palestinian life, clothing, food, and symbols of culture and resistance.

Join us at the exhibit to learn about the history of the Palestinian struggle and the demands for the Right of Return, freedom  for political prisoners, and the liberation of Palestinian land and people.

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