March 2: Join the Global Day of Action: Hands off Rafah! All out for Palestine!

Al-Awda, the Palestine Right to Return Coalition, is joining our colleagues in the Shut it Down 4 Palestine Coalition to call on all cities around the world to mobilize for a global day of action on Saturday, March 2, where MILLIONS MARCH FOR PALESTINE to make our message clear: End the genocide! Hands off Rafah! 

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On March 2, millions across the world will march for Gaza! The Israeli government is planning to have a full scale invasion of Rafah one week later, on March 9, one day before the start of Ramadan. Today, the United States vetoed a UN resolution that insisted that Israel immediately cease its mass killing spree in Gaza.

Now is the time to act! The people of the United States are going into the streets in cities and town throughout the country as part of the global day of protest on Saturday, March 2.

Gaza is facing famine, its hospitals are besieged, threats of ground invasion in Rafah loom near, and Israel continues its onslaught on the over 2 million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

The mass movement for Palestine has led to the isolation of the US and Israel on the world stage. With growing internal divisions and heightened political pressure on Israel and the United States, it’s time to push even harder. Our mobilizations in this moment can be more decisive than ever, and we must show our full strength now to ensure a lasting ceasefire and an end to the siege on Gaza.

Act now, mobilize in your communities and institutions, everyone must be on the streets March 2nd! All out for Rafah! All out for Gaza! Stop the genocide!

Al-Awda chapters are mobilizing everywhere to make March 2 a massive day of action. We urge you to join us and get into the streets to shut it down for Palestine and make it clear: THIS GENOCIDE MUST END – AND PALESTINE MUST BE FREE!

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