July 24, Washington DC: ARREST NETANYAHU! All out to shut down Netanyahu in Congress

THIS JULY 24: surround the U.S. Capitol and issue a notice of Citizen’s Arrest for Benjamin Netanyahu for crimes against humanity! The Prime Minister of Israel has been invited by the U.S. government to address Congress while he carries out a genocide against the Palestinian people. We won’t let a war criminal walk the streets of DC!

The people of the world stand with Palestine and against the genocide committed by Israel with the full agreement of the United States. In Washington DC, we will surround the Capitol building while the U.S. war criminals cheer on (and fund!) Israel’s genocidal campaign and welcome Netanyahu inside.

📅Weds, 7/24
🕚11 AM
🚌Find a transportation hub from your city: https://answercoalition.org/arrest_netanyahu

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